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Dear 100 Hour Board,

Another lovely dating question for y'all, especially for any sister RM's out there. I'm currently serving as an assistant Ward mission leader in my hometown while I'm on an internship. We have sisters in our YSA Ward and they do an amazing job. My rule of thumb is to not consider anything beyond friendship and helping the sisters in their calling and work until they have left the ward. One such sister was transferred about a month ago and I'm considering writing her once I head back up to Utah for school, seeing as I'm leaving early June and she finishes her mission in July.

Bad mojo or plausible idea?

- Justifying Being Up A Creek Without A Paddle


Dear you,

Personally, the last month of my mission was the absolute last time I wanted to deal with anything relating to guys. I just wanted to focus on my mission and not be distracted so that I could make the last month count. So of course, THAT'S WHEN ALL THE GUY DRAMA HAPPENED.

Actually I'm lying, guy drama from home happened then, but there were plenty of times on my mission where a member in his late 20's started expressing interest with me while I was serving in the area, or right when I left the area, and it was just awkward and uncomfortable and it really bothered me. In fairness, this was influenced by the fact that they were all 29 and not particularly attractive to me, while I was 19 and not exactly single. If the guy had been closer to my age and I was single, I probably would have felt uncomfortable just because of rules/wondering if I accidentally came across as flirtatious, and it would have been distracting, but it wouldn't have bothered me as much.

I guess my opinion is, with a month less, she'll either be struggling to focus already, or she'll be very focused and not want to have to deal with a potentially unexpected situation. It's just a month; wait until she gets home and get in touch with her then.

On the other hand, one of my favorite member couples on my mission met while she was serving in his YSA ward and he was the ward mission leader. I think they started writing while she was still on her mission, just casually, and got in touch afterwards, and I love their story and think they're an adorable couple.

Do what you feel is right and try your best to keep the letters platonic until she's off her mission, I guess. It's really hard to tell how someone will feel without knowing them.