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Question #87366 posted on 07/17/2016 12:08 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board Writers,

What is your favorite pasta shape?



Dear Radiatori,

I am partial to rigatoni and fettuccine, while Mrs. The Skipper prefers farfalle.

The Skipper 


Dear Radiatori,

Bowtie pasta all the way. I'm very passionate about it. The worst are really long pastas, like spaghetti or angel hair, because they flip sauce everywhere and there's no good way to eat them.

Bonus: my favorite pasta joke.

What do you call a fake noodle?

An impasta!



Dear Radiatori,

I like shapes that hold sauce really well, like mini-shell, top hat, radiator, and angel-hair, but I really dislike elbow pasta. On the other hand, I really like the taste of orzo and linguini, and those don't hold sauce very well at all.



Dear Radiator,

Shells (of all sizes) are the superior pasta.

-April Ludgate


Dear Radiatoriadora,

I like farfalle, not so much for the shape or texture, but because of the story behind it. It is said that the pasta chef who came up with farfalle pasta was experimenting with different shapes one day when his neighbor came running down the lane. Said neighbor was carrying a large tub of butter to sell at the market and wanted to get there early so that he wouldn't have to compete with the other butter merchants. However, he tripped on a cobblestone, and the butter went flying out of the tub. It went sailing right past the pasta chef's kitchen window, which was such a surprise that he accidentally pinched the square of pasta he was working with neatly in the middle. He was so impressed by this happy accident that he ran outside to show his neighbor, who was lamenting the loss of his butter.

"Luigi!" cried the neighbor, "What am I-a gonna do? I lost-a all-a my butter here in the strada! I have-a nothing to take to the-a market!"

"I am-a truly sorry, Guido," said Luigi, "But look at-a this! I make this brand-a new pasta right here when I saw your-a butter flying through the air!"

"What-a you gonna call this new pasta?" asked Guido, impressed.

"I think-a I'mma call it 'Farfalle,'" said Luigi.

"And-a why's-a that?" asked Guido.

"Because-a, the butter flies!" exclaimed Luigi.

And that's why bowtie pasta is called farfalle. I know this is true because of this helpful label I saw at Brick Oven once:

butter flies.jpg

-Frère Rubik is pretty good at the whole Italian accent thing, don't you think?