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Question #906 posted on 10/11/2003 4:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I was wondering how many girls actually "wait" for their missionary? Coming into BYU, I heard that's what tons of people do, but since getting here, I've heard just as many stories about Dear John letters and other creative ways of breaking up with a missionary. Do you have a percentage or something? I didn't know if people in the statistics department who had a lot of time on their hands had figured a stat out for something like that.

- Not a statistician

A: Dear !Statician,

According to an informal study done by Hayward Alto, 3% of girls wait for and marry their missionaries, and 7% wait, date, and break up. An interesting article was published in the Salt Lake Tribune in March, addressing girls who wait for their missionaries (and send Dear John letters). A copy of it can be found here:

A: Dear Like Me,

Not enough to even consider it! Do you hear me freshman! Don't even consider it!

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