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Question #91888 posted on 12/05/2018 12:30 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I realized the other day that there is quite a bit of room between the top of the fourth floor in Heritage Halls and the roof. Does anyone know what is on the fifth floor? The RA's said they weren't supposed to say.

-Not Even A Heritage Resident


Dear Neahr,

That extra space isn't as suspicious as you think. It's even more suspicious! It may seem like only one floor from the outside, but it's actually bigger on the inside*. 

Here is a true* list of 5 things on the "5th floor". What's inside will shock you!

  1. Narnia*
  2. Atlantis*
  3. The Board Lair*
  4. The Twilight Zone*
  5. And last but not least, the Lost Roanoke Colony*

No really*. It's pretty crazy but it's true*. Totally true*.

Trust me,

Totally Real Facts

(P.S. Ignore the asterisks)

posted on 12/05/2018 5:48 p.m.
While I can't offer solid facts on the Heritage Halls buildings themselves (especially considering the fact that I lived at HH before those buildings were built), I can refer the reader to the Boston temple, the top floor of which is building engineering equipment: air flow systems, heating, electrical systems, breaker boxes, building material storage, etc. It seems reasonable that properties of the building that are necessary for proper operation might be kept on the top floor of HH as well.

The Man with a Mustache
posted on 12/06/2018 6:54 a.m.
It's been a while since I was up there, but I definitely remember seeing HVAC systems and some electric systems. Other parts of The Man with a Mustache's answer might be true as well, but I don't remember much else specifically. Oh - also, lots of empty space, probably for intake for the HVAC systems.

-unlocked doors mean you can go in, right?