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Question #92024 posted on 02/11/2019 1:16 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

During the middle of the semester is probably the wrong time to ask this question but...

Have any of you watched "Meteor Garden" on Netflix? It's a Chinese romantic drama and it's cheesy and crazy and I loved it. I haven't found anyone else who's watched it and I'm dying to talk about it.

This was my first time watching a Chinese tv show and I noticed some big differences from American/British tv. Like, for instance, when characters kiss on the show they don't actually kiss! They kind of, I don't know, bump unpursed lips? And extras who kiss don't even get their lips CLOSE to each other!

Is that part of Chinese tv guidelines?



Dear FaSoLaTeDo,

I have not watched Meteor Garden, though it was high on my recommended shows for the brief stint I had Netflix (read: the free month I had). 

If you like cheesy and crazy, I heavily suggest you watch Korean dramas. They are wonderfully, ridiculously dramatic (like all the slow-mo shots of girls falling dramatically into guys arms as they slip on the pavement), and are basically an even better version of Chinese dramas. 

Something I really appreciate about Asian dramas in general, is that they tend to be a lot cleaner than American and British TV. For instance, though the English translations may through some in, there are never any swear words in the original language. I think the scaled back kissing scenes are related to the no-swear rule (though I'm not certain).

Finally, I couldn't answer this without giving you some parting recommendations. My two absolute favorite Korean dramas are Descendants of the Sun and Strong Girl Bong-Soon. Watch them. Love them. Revel in the cheesiness.