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Question #92155 posted on 04/18/2019 8:42 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am in the process of finding my first "real" job. I'm starting to think about benefits, and I was wondering - if you could (without consequence) request any unusual perk/ benefit for a job, what would you request?



Dear HR, 

PAID PARENTAL LEAVE. For some reason, this country professes to believe in families (we can see this in how upset people were when they split families up at the border) but then has some of the most laughable parental leave laws ever. And that's pretty lame. Even BYU has an utterly ridiculous maternal leave policy, and pretty much a nonexistent paternal leave. What does that say about our priorities? 

I don't want to hold this answer over by spending a lot of time researching, but suffice it to say that there is plenty of evidence from other countries (Canada, Denmark, etc.) and even some trial states (New Jersey, Rhode Island) that paid parental leave definitely benefits families, and does NOT have detrimental effects on the business (and can even be positive!). Families are happier and closer knit, and businesses experience less turnover and higher productivity. Basically, paid parental leave is good for everyone. 

It's pretty terrible that this is an unusual perk to ask for... but that's definitely something I will try for when looking for a job.




Dear HR,

If it's an unusual perk I would definitely ask for a Segway. How cool would that be to zip around the office on a Segway? I mean, I already have heelies, but a Segway would be the next level up.

For a less unusual perk I would love for a job to pay for me to learn Chinese. Knowing Chinese would be really useful for a career in engineering, but alas I've not been able to fit it into my time here at BYU. If I could learn it as part of a job that would be amazing.




Dear HR,

I would love for a job to pay me to go on sabbatical. I would work for them for a few years to qualify, then they would pay all expenses for me to go on a vacation to a different country for about a month, and continue to pay my salary while I was there.



Dear Hiring Radicals,

I'm totally with Guesthouse on paid parental leave. Only three countries don't mandate it, and we are one of them.

I'd also love a paid vacation every few years. I know someone working at BYUH who gets paid once every three years to take a trip to the mainland to visit their family. While BYUH just pays for airfare, I would love to have a company pay for a vacation for me every few years.

-guppy of doom