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Question #92208 posted on 05/05/2019 10:12 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Hi! I once read a story online about an LDS guy who saw a UFO, then was taken aboard. The aliens looked just like blonde people, and they were wearing white clothes of some kind. I think they gave him water, or he was getting water. There was water involved. The ship was silver. Apparently, they had a conversation about God, to which the aliens said they could not say too much about.

Can you help me find this story?

If not, what are some other good LDS UFO encounter stories you can find?

-Deep Stuff


Dear Mantle,

I don't know about that story but I've got one of my own. My grandpa told his kids a story that he saw a UFO in their backyard. He walked out in the back and saw a silver saucer landed in the yard. A few moments passed and then in almost the blink of an eye it darted up into the sky and disappeared. My mom told me that one and even said my grandpa confirmed that it was true on his deathbed. So there's that.



Dear Operation DeepStink,

Are you referring to the Travis Walton UFO incident, which was eventually turned into the film Fire in the Sky?


--Ardilla Feroz