Whenever he thought about it, he felt terrible. And so, at last, he came to a fateful decision. He decided not to think about it. ~John-Roger and Peter McWilliams
Question #92532 posted on 08/16/2019 2:32 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are your unpopular opinions?

-Rainbow connection, who thinks fruit is overrated


Dear Hot Take,

  • White rice with ketchup is genuinely delicious. 
  • Spaghetti is by far the worst type of pasta.
  • Fatty meat is gross. Leaving lots of fat on meat may "add flavor" or whatever Gordon Ramsey yells at people, but it also is chewy and slimy and makes for a worse eating experience.
  • Reality TV is actually really entertaining, and people who say they hate it unequivocally just haven't found their (at least) one show that they love yet (baking competitions are reality TV, y'all). 
  • Soft serve ice cream is almost always better than "normal" ice cream. Also, vanilla is truly underrated as an ice cream flavor.
  • Most self help books are total garbage and a waste of time.
  • I'm with Guesthouse that it's more enjoyable to visit beaches in the Pacific Northwest than tropical beaches.
  • Pen and paper planners are preferable to online calendars.
  • Homework before high school and college is by and large pointless and just needlessly stresses students out.
  • TV shows are a superior form of media consumption than movies.
  • Most board games are not fun at all.


Dear Kermit,
While I could go on for ages with genuinely unpopular opinions, I'll try to tread on the relatively inoffensive side. Although I've since learned in the time since starting this answer that apparently the pie/cake divide runs deeper and darker than I ever thought, so perhaps making overtures toward merely "inoffensive" unpopular opinions is a losing game. Anyway, with my preamble out of the way, consider the following:
  • First of all, Goldie Rose is right: most pie isn't very good. (Warm pie can be redeemed with ice cream, in all fairness.)
  • Milk isn't good. Not even in cereal. Yes, I eat dry cereal. Since this caused the usual uproar I've dealt with my entire life and led to several very confused flagettes from fellow writers, I'll clarify: I still pour the cereal into a bowl and eat it with a spoon, and that as far as I'm concerned is the only way cereal needs to be eaten. The barehanded-straight-from-the-box method is just as wrong as adding milk to a perfectly good bowl of dry, crunchy cereal.
  • Most chocolate ice cream flavors are pretty bland.
  • Cats are far superior to dogs. 
  • McDonald's does not sell a single item that its competitors don't do better; sheer inertia, combined with marketing, is the only reason it hasn't been overtaken in the fast food world. 
  • Apple products cost you an absurd premium for nothing other than the brand name. Save your money. I would like to go on record stating that I've been trying to convince guppy of doom on this one for years and she still won't listen to me.
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame, despite its tonal problems and odd adaptational choices, is one of the best Disney movies.
  • Movies--in the theater, that is--make for terrible dates.
  • Harry Potter's pacing suffered enormously thanks to the Hallows being introduced, explored, and resolved all within the span of two-thirds of the final book, and I really think the last book would have been better off ditching the idea entirely (plus the extended camping trip) in favor of Horcrux hunting during a final year at Hogwarts. Also, most if not all of Rowling's post-Deathly Hallows additions to the canon have been bad. (I'm really not a big Potter fan these days. Sue me.)
  • Nabisco needs to stop coming up with new Oreo flavors by throwing the kitchen sink into the blender and instead bring back Golden Chocolate Oreos, which are by far the best Oreo flavor ever produced. It should be a federal crime that we're instead being fleeced by such disgusting confections as Kettle Corn and Peep Oreos. The vast majority of Oreo flavors are utterly inferior to the original anyway.

Not the least bit facetiously,



Dear Rainbow Connection,

  • Pie isn't that good. The only kind of pie I like is chocolate. I don't like any fruit pies because I don't believe fruit should be warm and mushy. -shudder- It's a texture thing. #pickyeater
  • Going to the beach isn't that great. I'm from California and the Pacific Ocean is cold. It's always a lot windier and colder near the shore. I would much rather just go to the pool. That way I don't have to drive forever to get back to my house.
  • Pineapple belongs on pizza! Fun fact: My Dad told me that he was the inventor of Hawaiian pizza. I believed him for a couple years when I was young...
  • Going to BYU Football games is overrated. I only went to a couple and it was cold (and I dressed warm and it didn't help)! Plus, we lose. A lot. I got stressed just standing in the crowd thinking about all of the homework I needed to do so it was never fun.
  • Rose, Lavender, and Japanese Cherry Blossom are some of the worst scents ever made in lotion, candles, etc. 
  • DoTERRA essential oils are overrated and not worth the extra money. Honestly I don't think half of the essential oils out there succeed in what they claim to do. I'm not buying it- pun unintended.

-Goldie Rose


Dear How-could-you-fruits-are-literally-the-best,

So I feel like it's really hard to come up with really good unpopular opinions. They need to be out there enough that people disagree with it, but not too out there that they're ridiculous or irrelevant. Also, pretty much any political opinion is an unpopular opinion depending on who you ask, so like those don't really count in my book. I think that the measure of a good unpopular opinion is that it will grind peoples' gears and rustle their jimmies without crossing any lines. Anyways, enough of definitions, are you ready to be outraged?

  • If someone magically eliminated all of the pasta in the entire world I wouldn't miss it. Anything pasta does can be done better with potatoes, rice, or bread.
  • Grammar is terribly overrated. Context is way more important. There are situations in which proper grammar prevents ambiguity but most of the time it doesn't make enough of a difference to fuss about.
  • On another note, I think that memes, gifs, and especially emojis are important and valid forms of language. I think that emojis vastly improve the written word in short form and will one day be recognized as one of the great innovations of the written language. In 200 years English majors will learn about memes, gifs, vines, and emojis in a "Classic Early 2000's Literature" course taught by a stuffy 50 year old man in a tweed jacket with a monotone voice.
  • The sitcoms Friends and Seinfeld really aren't that funny and are vastly overrated. 
  • There is such thing as bad art. I like a lot of modern art that most people don't, but I think that some of it is genuinely trash which I realize alienates both the general population and the more artsy folk. Marcel Duchamp's Fountain is complete trash and even he knows it. (I do have to admit that the rejection letter he wrote to his own anonymous submission of the piece is iconic, but it still doesn't mean that Fountain isn't trash.)
  • There is plenty of stuff do to in Idaho, and Idaho in the summer is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.
Are you not entertained? Have I upset you? Can you handle this?

Dear person,

  • The movie Hitch is lame.
  • Marvel movies are boring.
  • Sharknado is hilarious.
  • General education classes are the best part of undergraduate education.
  • Pineapple on pizza is the worst.
  • Brandon Sanderson's books are great but his magic systems are too un-mystical. The rules are too clear and make too much sense. I want magic to be a little mysterious!
  • Uncertainty makes life more fun.
  • Philosophy is the most interesting topic ever.
  • Water is delicious.
  • Potatoes aren't that great. Unless they are French fries. But all other potatoes could go away forever for all I care. 
  • Fruit pie is a worthless dessert. However, judging from the opinions of the writers, this opinion may actually be pretty popular. 



Dear peasantry,

I have a number of possibly amusing unpopular opinions but, luckily for you, I decided to make the populace angry this day with my choice of opinions.

Would that I could choose otherwise. Be prepared for your sensibilities to be sensibilized.

  • Dogs are overrated. I see memes all the time stating "Dogs! We don't dEsErVe ThEm!" I must agree. We don't.
  • Dog culture is stupid. I have no issue with people doting on, cherishing and respecting their pets, but when people claim they are a "dog mom," "dog parent" or they want to "parent a dog together," I must unequivocally say that sure, you may own this animal, but it is not your child, so please stop pretending it is. You think canines are your ally? You merely adopted them.
  • Dog spas and massages are a waste of human time and resources. Purchasing clothes for your dog (unironically, at least) is dumb. 
  • No-kill shelters are an inefficient use of taxpayer dollars. Sure, adopt out and rehabilitate the dogs that you can, but if a dog--or other animal--requires a huge financial investment to heal it that could perhaps be used to instead help a number of other animals... there's a solution.
  • Eating dogs, cats, and horses should be legal in America, and eating them is not morally or ethically wrong.
    Here's where people freak out. The same species as our cherished pets and companion animals? As food? Unethical!

    ...but why? If you eat animals, you must acknowledge the double-standard of treating some animals as humans and others--pigs, chickens, cows--as mindless meatbags is not logically consistent. There's no risk of any of these animals going extinct, but they do contribute to the extinction of other animals. In fact, dogs are the third-worst human-introduced predators for wildlife (after cats and rats) and have directly led to the extinction of over one dozen wild bird and animal species, and now threaten over 200 more.
    Mine is a modest proposal: get rid of feral dogs (and cats!), boost biodiversity and decrease hunger doing it.


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear Bowie,

First of all, I need you to know that this question has caused the most controversy within the writers that I've seen. Admittedly, I've only been around for a year, but still. Things got a little bananas on the back end of this question.

What follows are the absolute spiciest of my takes. 

  • Carly Rae Jepsen is the pop icon of our generation. CRJ consistently puts out absolute bangers but the majority of people ignore her entirely just because they listened to "Call Me Maybe" too many times and ruined it for themselves. However, in the last seven years, CRJ has released two albums that are chock full of pop hits. In fact, I'd bet that you actually know more of her stuff than you think you do. "Tonight I'm Getting Over You"? Hers. "Tiny Little Bows"? "Run Away With Me"? "I Really Really Like You"? All her. If you're looking to inform yourself, most of her album Emotion is amazing, but lately I've been addicted to "Too Much" from her album that came out this year, Dedicated.
  • The Office kind of sucks, actually. The majority of the humor from The Office relies on offensive jokes, secondhand embarrassment, and people being mean to one another. The only parts of the show that are worth re-watching are the parts where Jim and Pam's relationship develops, but even that is a little problematic in hindsight. I really don't understand why it's become the sitcom that everyone is obsessed with.
  • Pizza is better without cheese. That's right, you heard me. My opinion on this one may be slightly colored by the fact that I'm lactose intolerant, which is why I tried pizza without cheese in the first place. However, I'm never ever going back. Cheese performs one real function - to secure the toppings to the rest of the structure. Other than that, it only deadens the flavors of the sauce and the delicious toppings you've chosen. My favorite way to eat pizza is a nice supreme pizza with no cheese at all. Things may get a little messy, but they only get more delicious.
  • Chaucer is the worst. If you've ever had to read The Canterbury Tales, you know exactly what I'm talking about. His writing is overblown, his narratives are tedious, and his prose isn't even beautiful to make up for it. We only read and remember his work because he was the first author to really consider English a language worth writing in. He isn't the best, he was just the first. Other than that, his work sucks and we don't really need to read it.
  • People should be more open to taking chances with their hair. Hair is second only to your nails in their ability to just grow back. Why aren't more people just experimenting with their hair? I understand that some people are trying to keep their hair healthy, but there are so many ways to play with your hair without damaging the structure. Get a crazy haircut! Chop it all off! Get a rad undercut! Even when it comes to dyeing hair, there are so many options to mess around. Henna can be used to dye your hair a brilliant, deep, beautiful red! Semi-permanent hair dye exists that deposits color on your hair and washes out completely after a few months. Take chances, make mistakes. It's just hair.
  • You should never be afraid of looking ugly. Who the frig decided that our worth was based off our physical appearance? I don't know, and I don't care. Anyone who cares that I have a double chin or that I'm not beautiful is a person whose opinion I don't care about. I literally could not care less if being beautiful would get me more dates, more help in classes, or more job offers. This is what I look like, and I look like me. Learning to feel comfortable in my skin is still an ongoing process, but I've never felt more content to look ugly (and absolutely love it) than I am right now. 
  • Uncomfortable clothes shouldn't exist. I have a personal rule that I don't own clothing that I couldn't fall asleep in. This goes for literally every item of clothing I own. To be fair, I can fall asleep fairly easily, so the rule usually amounts to just two qualifications: my clothes must (1) be made of soft/smooth material and (2) fit me correctly. I still wear jeans and button-ups, but I make sure to get ones that actually fit me and feel good. In accordance with this, I also don't ever wear high heels. Platforms can stay, but they're on thin ice.
  • Books as a physical item aren't sacred. Destroy them if you want to. There's a certain refrain among most book lovers when it comes to the destruction of books. You'll find bookworms everywhere gasping in horror if someone dares to write in a book, dog ear it, or destroy it for another purpose. Of course, you shouldn't mess with other people's property, but when it comes to your own books? Write all over it. Bend it backward and destroy the spine to make it easier to hold. Glue all the pages together and then cut out the center to use in an art project. It's just an object. The actual valuable part of the book is the words and ideas that it contains. Those aren't gonna be destroyed by someone else making a purse out of an old Nancy Drew novel. Chill.
  • Grapes are best frozen. Don't get me wrong, I'll eat unfrozen grapes. But, if given the choice, I would freeze every grape I came across. Freezing a grape turns it into a tiny delicious grape popsicle. My affinity for frozen grapes has spread to the point where my ministering brothers froze some before bringing them to me when I was having a rough time. Now that's service, y'all. 
  • Toy Story 2 is the best installment in the Toy Story franchise. It has it all - a kidnapping, a rescue mission, an actual context for why a toy like Woody exists, and best of all, a complex female character. In Toy Story 2, none of the toys hate each other. There's no Syd being a little creep. What we do have is the most heartbreaking musical backstory of all time, which provides part of a rich motivation for the main antagonist. You actually kind of understand Stinky Pete's reasons for doing what he does, unlike the sadistic Lotso. And don't even get me started on the beautiful montage of the old man restoring Woody. Now, I haven't seen Toy Story 4, but I think I'll retain my loyalty toward my girl Jessie and her outstanding film. 

 If you have found these takes too spicy for your liking, drink some milk and please don't @ me.

-Quixotic Kid


Dear you,

As Alta can attest, I used to be rife with unpopular opinions (particularly when I was in middle school). I hated all spicy food with a passion (to the point of not being able to finish some applesauce that had too much cinnamon in it), any music past like 1950 was of the devil in my book, I was convinced all video games were evil, and I thought everyone should talk like Nathaniel Hawthorne was writing their dialogue.

None of those opinions still stand.

Anymore, I think my most unpopular opinion is that the best time to go hiking is in the rain (I absolutely adore it).



Dear you

Flower flavored stuff is good. It's not rose's fault you've only been exposed to it as perfume.

I agree with Ardilla, especially about horses. Eat the wild horses. We have too many of them. There are plenty of cultures in the U.S who like to eat horse.

Icecream is too sweet.



Dear spectrum connectum,

Sweet spaghetti tastes great. 

When you get your chicken McDo, the best way to eat it is to pour the gravy on the rice and eat it like a hamburger and then to eat the chicken. 

Most unripe fruits are just as good or better than their ripe cousins (except for bananas, which should be only mostly unripe, not fully). 

Harry Potter is amazing fiction, but it is not good fantasy. 

A great way to eat blueberries or other small snacks is to lay them all out on your palm and vacuum them up with your mouth.

I don't really watch TV shows anymore. I think that much of TV is kitsch.



Dear Rainbow,

Here's one of my opinions that's unpopular even with me—I go back and forth on it all the time. I don't really like dogs. Actually this can be expanded to most pets (not animals in general, just pets. I think part of my distaste is for living with them and touching them), but not liking dogs seems to be the most unpopular opinion. I just don't really like 'em. It's the smell, it's the fur everywhere, it's the cost. I don't know, call me crazy. Or more realistically, just tell me it's because I've never owned a dog, to which I will concede you are probably right. Like I said, I go back and forth on it all the time. You definitely wouldn't have believed I didn't like dogs if you had seen my reunion with my best friend's dog yesterday. But, then again, you probably would have believed it if you had seen me at the mall the day before, trying to convince my friends to go into ANY store other than the pet store.




Dear Writers,

Please vote to see whether disliking pie is a popular or unpopular opinion among us.

Cake > Pie 

  1. Goldie Rose
  2. 9S
  3. Quixotic Kid
  4. Luciana
  5. Guesthouse (unless it's key lime pie, which is the only exception.)
  6. Sheebs
  7. guppy of doom
Pie > Cake
  1. Tipperary
  2. Alta
  3. Anathema
  4. Ardilla Feroz
  5. Frére Rubik
  6. Inklings
-Goldie Rose

Dear Kermit,

  • Apple pie is disgusting and I hate it.
  • Pets are not worth it, ever. They may be cute but they're just messy, smelly, and you can get better companionship from a human being that can actually talk to you. 
  • Harry Potter isn't worth the hype, at all. 
  • Disneyland is a waste of money tourist trap and I don't like it. (I'm sorry, Luciana this isn't about you.) 
  • Northwest beaches are better than tropical beaches and you can't convince me otherwise.
  • Jokes about 9/11 aren't funny. Neither are shooting jokes or sexist jokes or racist jokes. I don't know why this is an unpopular opinion, but I always get the "you're such a killjoy" comment and I'm really disappointed in my siblings for thinking they're being funny. 
  • Winter is wayyyy better than summer. Summer is the WORST. 
  • Being busy is better than having nothing to do.
  • Watching movies in movie theaters is overrated and not worth paying for, when you can watch the same movies at home for 1$ when they come out on Redbox and not overpay for snacks. 
  • Superhero movies are a waste of time. 
  • Skim milk is the best milk, fight me. 




Dear you,

I thought I would have a bunch of unpopular opinions but after reading all the other writers' unpopular opinions, I realized my opinions are actually quite normal. These are probably my most debatable opinions:

  • Football is overrated and just damaging to the players.
  • Okra has the consistency of snot and I don't know why anyone would put it in their mouth.
  • People should get tans from the sun or not at all.
  • Diets don't work/will only ever be fads because the best way to be healthy and lose weight is eat in moderation, don't only eat unhealthy foods (which isn't hard to define), exercise daily, and get enough sleep. (Though allergy-free diets are crucial for people with allergies.)
  • Contouring is a ridiculous fad that might look good in pictures but in person looks like caked-on makeup.
  • People should go to the beach to swim. I don't understand why people will simply lay on the beach or sit under an umbrella and read the whole time. You can do that in your backyard. 
  • Adult playgrounds should be a thing.
  • Biographies (and movies about real people's lives) are boring. Honestly, who cares about that famous world leader's childhood? (Quick aside: my mother-in-law asked what biographies I was planning on reading and I told her my unpopular opinion and she reacted like I stabbed her in the heart and told me I wouldn't amount to much of a political scientist.)

-guppy of doom


Dear RC,

1. Makeup is a waste of time and money. Just be at peace with the way your face looks.

2. Most popular film franchises are lazy with characterization and I don't understand the hype.

3. Cereal is not good. Soggy grain floating in milk? No thank you.

4. Vegan food should not be called by the name of the thing it's trying to imitate. Just come up with a different name for it.

5. Too many people get college degrees that aren't useful and thereby devalue Bachelor's degrees in the workforce (I can say this because I have a degree in history and no plan to use it, so I'm part of the problem).