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Question #92556 posted on 08/29/2019 5:54 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What things do you like to collect?



Dear Hoarder,

Candles... see Board Question #92550.

I also have a decent collection of books, currently being stored at my parents house because I don't have room for all of them.




Dear horde,

Some of these are actual collections, and some (read: most) of these are just unrealized dreams. One day I'll have the money to gratify my vain materialistic urges. Maybe.

With that out of the way... I really love ties. My collection is slowly coming along in spite of my undergraduate poverty. The mission definitely helped. I've also always been a sucker for Japanese hand fans (although I'm too poor to get this one Kickstarted to nearly the same degree).

I've been wanting to collect more Amiibo figures, but I'm only interested in particular characters that aren't already swimming in merchandise and/or characters I use in Smash Bros, so I don't foresee it going far. Also most Amiibo prices are so inflated that I'd rather not even bother with most of them anyway.

Lastly (but most definitely not least) I love D&D miniatures! I'm not so good at painting them, so they're all mostly white and gray, but I adore them anyway. I'll plumb the depths of almost any medium for inspiration in my writing, and miniatures help with that a lot. Speaking of which, I have some dialogue to be writing.




Dear horde of hoarders,

I really like to collect books and art, specifically because I am amassing good culture for when I ultimately move into a house. One of the worst websites for me is Thriftbooks, because you can but almost any book for loss than $5 and shipping is free over $10. Also, you get a free book under $5 every once in a while, so that is where much of my extra money seems to go. I don't have much art yet, but I think it's mostly because I don't have any place to get it from. I currently have five paintings, though not all in my apartment. 

Does collecting Board questions count, too? I feel like we all have a collection of great questions. Mine is 8 pages long. I actually found some of the books I bought from the Board. Here are some questions that include good books, if you want to get started on a book collection of your own.

Other favorites include the Roald Dahl collection, Calvin and Hobbes, Shel Silverstien, the Ender's Game series, The Mysterious Benedict Society, and Kurt Vonnegut's books.



Dear Hoarders,




But more importantly, temple cards.

Temple Cards.jpg

(My completed cards. I have a stack that we're working on as well.)

Except I can't collect them anymore because Utah County temples don't give you the fricken cards back anymore! Which is probably just a test to see if it works well and it's going to be implemented to the rest of the temples. Don't get me started on how mad I am about this new change!

Anyway, I like collecting ancestors! Ancestors, ancestors are good...

-Goldie Rose


Dear Extreme Hoarding,

I like to collect books, but that's not really unique. After moving this year I suddenly got waaaay more space for books than I had ever had before, and I have since spent a probably unreasonable amount of money filling up the shelves.

I also love earrings, and at last count I have 55 pairs. It's a rare day that I don't wear earrings, even if I'm at home sick, and they're my favorite way to add my own personality to an outfit and sort of pull it together. It's always sad when I lose an earring or one of them breaks. Speaking of earrings, though, if anyone knows where to find cute Halloween and/or Christmas earrings, let me know!



Dear Dragon Hoard,

I've already mentioned extensively that I collect plants and rocks, most notably in Board Question #91647, so I'm not going to go over those again.

Other than plants and rocks, Ireally like to collect nail polishes. I currently own 48 bottles, mostly in shades of blue, green, and purple. Twelve of them are from Claire's, as I worked there for a few years and knew how to time the clearances and sales to get cheap nail polish. I've said it a hundred times, folks, the nail polish at Claire's is the only thing in the store worth buying. 

Another thing that I collect is pretty much all forms of media, especially physical media. I own wayyy too many books, CDs and DVDs for a person who lives in an apartment. Don't get me wrong, I love digital media as well, and I hoard that too, but there's just Something™ about having something I can get my hands on. I think part of it is that computers crash and I'm afraid my music collection could just spontaneously implode one day. I have an external hard drive and everything is backed up, but still. On my computer currently, I have 8,904 songs which amounts to 35.9 GB. That's 445.2 hours or 18.55 days, if I did my math correctly. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of that number. (Side note: if you have a library card, you should check if your library participates in Freegal, which is a service that allows you to download three MP3s a week for free. You get to keep them and everything. Provo Public Library participates, and I've gotten a lot of free music through them without breaking any laws.)

I also kind of collect glass or ceramic bake wear and dishes, specifically Pyrex, Corningware, and Corelle. This is a little bit of a long story, but when I was a teen I read an article about the history of Pyrex and how it's made. (The article I read was NOT this article, but it does give a pretty good background about how it's different from regular glass.) Basically, the genius scientists at the Corning Glass Works Company added boric oxide to the regular glass making procedures to make borosilicate glass, which is significantly more tolerant of temperature changes than ordinary glass, and then started making casserole dishes out of it. If you change the temperature of regular glass too dramatically, quickly, or unevenly, it'll just straight up shatter because it can't flex to account for the expanding or contracting of the molecules. Corelle, the super thin glass plates that are everywhere, were also a type of glass invented by Corning. Suffice it to say that I immediately became obsessed with furnishing my future kitchen with only dishes made by this superior of all companies. I quickly began to scour all secondhand stores for these precious products. By the time it became clear to me that a twenty-year-old did not need to completely outfit a kitchen, I already had quite a lot. For real, though, you can find them in every secondhand store, and the older the better. If you have the diligence, you can end up with some really beautiful, high quality stuff. You know, like this bad boy.

 corningware cropped.jpg

-Quixotic Kid



This is going to make me sound like a real serial killer, but it's more of an art project? I collect items/tokens left over from other people's failed relationships. My sister and I call it The Rejection Collection™. 

Letters, mix CD's, necklaces, paintings, "he gave me that rock as a joke on our first date and I kept it" kind of stuff. I'm always afraid to talk about it, because it sounds like sort of a sick sardonic voyeurism towards heartbreak. But something really interesting I have found is that people really appreciate the outlet. Often when I've explained it to someone they volunteer an item they didn't know what to do with. They didn't know how to get rid of it in a respectful way. They don't want to throw it away. They can't give it to a mutual friend or the ex will see it. But they also don't want to keep it because it's painful, or meaningless to them now. I've had people call me up immediately after a breakup and drop stuff off as an act of finality. Some people just said "I'm glad it's going somewhere safe, but I'm really glad I don't have to look at it."

I also have a book I let people write their stories in. Sometimes they try to be fair and honest about it, and sometimes they just want to list how they were wronged. Sometimes they're just illustrative anecdotes from the relationship, sometimes they explain an item, and sometimes it's just the whole story of what happened and why it ended. 

So hopefully you guys don't think I'm a total weird creepo-beepo. But it's been fun to see the catharsis it provides some people and the kinds of things that get infused with people's emotional baggage. Seriously guys, if you have something for the collection I would love to take your submissions! Email me and we can figure out how to get it to me ( I may someday actually turn it into an art display, but I'm not that kind of person yet. Also, if you want to submit something but don't ever want it shown anywhere, just let me know. 



Dear you,

I collect books, but with moving all the time most of my books are scattered across my parents' home, my grandma's home, and random friends' houses. One day I hope to own a more permanent home and have a whole library!

-guppy of doom


Dear Hoarder,

Like I mentioned before, I recently inherited my grandma's postcard collection. She has some pretty great ones, including this gem. (Very tempted to send it to my sister on her mission. Can you imagine??) My plan is to scan them all and then send them to people, like my cousins for their birthdays or something. What I didn't mention was that I'm somewhat of a postcard collector myself. I think they are great souvenirs to collect because they are small and super cheap, you can get them almost anywhere, and you can actually use them for something. I mean, you can always send another postcard, but at some point you won't be able to fit any more magnets on your fridge, you'll have absolutely no need for another shot glass (perhaps to your surprise, I do have need for at least one because cereal shots are the best), you'll end up with more t-shirts than days of the year, etc.

Anyway, I said "somewhat" of a postcard collector, because does it count as a collection if I don't actually have them anymore? I always have a stack of them, but I guess it's more like a rotating collection, because I'm always using them and getting new ones. Just last week I bought this one because it's just so funny. 





Dear you,

Both Alta and I used to collect spoons. I believe my collection is still at my parent's house, along with a couple of bells thrown in for good measure.

Things I actively collect are pieces of art (like paintings or prints), hats (I seriously love hats, guys), and pretty much anything of a specific shad of blue.