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Question #92568 posted on 09/03/2019 10:55 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I heard that some of you had a party that revolved around potatoes?



Dear Precioussss, 

I'm so heartbroken I didn't get to go because I had to go to ANOTHER FLIPPING WEDDING RECEPTION. I'd totally rather be part of the potato clan.  




Dear Poh-tay-toes,

There was indeed and what a party it was.

There were potato dishes of all sorts such as: potato ice cream, potato donuts, french fries, tater tots, mashed potatoes, and some really cool Indian potato dish made by Ardilla Feroz.

Potato-themed activities included potato videos, potato poetry, and decorating potato friends:


They turned out really well, but the real potato friends are the friends we made along the way:


Potato day isn't something that comes from a store, it comes from your heart. If we put our minds to it, everyday can be potato day.

Peace on Earth, Potatoes to Men,



Dear Precious,

It was a blast! The highlight for me was the dairy free potato donuts that Tipperary made. Ardilla surprised me and had vanilla cashew ice cream that I could eat with my cinnamon-y sugar donut. Delishhhhh! Bless this duo.

We did potato poetry and I dedicated my haiku to said donuts:

Potato donuts

Best thing I've eaten all day

Yay, they're dairy free!

I'm quite the poet, I know.

I brought some dairy free mashed potatoes. (If anyone wants the recipe, just holler.) I relished in mashed potato leftovers for two days after the shin-dig.

We all decorated potatoes. Here is mine and Carl's-  Twoke (Tooke) and Inspectato.


-Goldie Rose



Idris (the spuddy pictured above in the top center) and I had a wonderful time and quite enjoyed the potato and molasses icecream.