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Question #92804 posted on 11/30/2019 3:42 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'd like to get back to acting in some local (Utah) theatre productions. In my day, most auditions were posted on backstageutah.com or in the Deseret News. Where do you whippersnappers post them now?

-Eve Arden


Dear Eulalia,

I reached out to a friend active in the Utah theatre scene, and she kindly responded that both of your sources are valid and decent options.

The first group she recommends is on Facebook, called, subtly enough, UTAH THEATRE CHAT/AUDITIONS & SHOW INFO.

Her other option, one she calls "the real Mecca" for theatre auditions info, is a Google spreadsheet a friend of hers keeps updated. It really does seem like a badger mine of information, you know, if the badgers you mined told you whether or not a production was paid, where it was, the company name, when auditions are, how long the show runs, and additional info about (currently) forty-eight productions. Helpful creatures.

This wellspring of weighty weaseldom also contains general info for thirty-eight theatre companies, and that, friend, is some serious weaseling to succeed.


--Ardilla Feroz, who enjoys theatre, and badgers, so you get both


Dear Eve,

I’m currently involved in the theater department at BYU and the site that I’ve used a lot is TMA Access, a website run by BYU that posts local auditions. They usually have a good amount of auditions posted there but there are a lot of Facebook groups where smaller, local theater companies will post their auditions. Here are a few that I’ve found helpful: Theatre People of Utah Valley, Utah Theatre Chat/Auditions, and Utah Casting Calls.

Also, if you look up a specific theater company, they’ll usually have an auditions page on their website or if you go to see one of their shows they might have auditions posted in their playbill. You could also look at Front Row Reviewers or Utah Theatre Bloggers to find more theater companies in the area, the type of work that they produce, and then go to their website to see if they are holding auditions soon. 

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