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Question #92937 posted on 02/27/2020 2:16 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are you doing for Valentines?



Dear Dark Pink,

We had a potluck at work to celebrate the last day of everyone on the team being together, since one of our members is transferring to a different team. People actually brought amazing food, and I had a lot of fun making up a new recipe for chocolate cupcakes with a white chocolate and cream cheese filling, topped off with white and dark chocolate ganache. 

Now I'm just babysitting my niece and nephew while my brother and sister in law go on a date. I love the kids and they're super cute and funny.

It's been a great day.



Dear The Color Of Desire,

For Valentine's, I gave a valentine card to a girl and then we got Thai food and then did some service. Also, coming back, we saw a mariachi band serenading some people at BYU. It was basically the best thing :)



Dear Red,

Remember that question someone asked about planning a Hawaiian themed Valentine's day? It was me! I did that!

So I didn't take any pictures cause I was kind of a hot mess that day, but it turned out really well! I made spicy coconut shrimp with chocolate coconut ice cream for dessert. I decorated the apartment with some plastic palm leaves and flowers, I sprayed a ton of Hawaiian air freshener, put on a Hawaiian playlist, and I cranked up the thermostat 7 degrees to try and get those real Hawaiian vibes.

Anyways, it was really cute guys! Thanks for all the suggestions!




Dear Taylor Swift Album,

It was a new experience having a newborn on Valentine's Day. Carl and I were both exhausted, and we didn't really think about what to do for dinner until we were hungry. Since we had a Zupas gift card, I suggested that as we can order online and then pick it up at the store. Best idea ever when you have a newborn! I was also craving a cinnamon roll -clicks tongue at Guesthouse- so Carl got me a cinnamon roll for dessert! (My pregnancy cinnamon craving had progressed to nursing cinnamon craving...)

Some other fun things that we did on Valentines Day is that we slept in as usual with our completely messed up sleep schedule. We got the book, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" in the mail from Amazon. Sleep training doesn't really start until 4 months... He's 7 weeks old. But we were able to start a bedtime routine with Carl Jr so he's able to learn the difference between night and day! I don't really think he had that mixed up in the very beginning, but it's never to early to start a routine. 

Lastly, we changed Carl Jrs outfit about four times due to his acid reflux. Just this last week we found out that he has a milk allergy, so I'm completely off dairy until he's 9 months old. Then I'll be trying to reintroduce it to him and see if he's grown out of it. 

My mother-in-law offered to babysit for us so we can have an actual Valentine's date sometime soon. We were planning on going to Red Iguana and the Bountiful Temple since my temple cards are piling up. But I'm no longer sure if we can go out to eat since Red Iguana didn't impress me last time I mentioned I was extremely lactose intolerant. I don't want to hurt my bub! Nonetheless, we'll be going to the temple soon.

 -Goldie Rose


Dear friend,

I had a REALLY LONG hard day. I took an exam and didn't do as well as I had hoped, plus it had an essay portion which took me about an hour. And honestly, this week has really sucked. I've cried every single day from stress and haven't been sleeping well. So, it was supposed to be a nice day but instead, I was on campus for way too long and I was drained and exhausted and emotionally distraught. 

But then Pebble came to pick me up. Pebble is not a gift person, which I am totally good about (I hate kitsch) but when I got in the car he gave me a pot of beautiful red fringed tulips. He held me while I cried it out and tried to tell me dumb jokes to make me smile after, and let me tell him about what I learned that day to calm down. 

And pretty much, that's about as romantic a thing as I could ever want. 

Then he took me to eat comfort food at the Corner Street Bakery & Cafe by Target (their bacon + tomato Mac & Cheese is really good) and play sappy music in the car. I really love him a lot. 

I'm ordering him the book Snug by Catana Comics because I think it's cute and reminds me of our relationship.




Dear Dark Pink,

It was a day of great intentions, but life kind of got in the way.

My intentions: make minnow heart shaped pancakes for breakfast with a cute homemade Valentine's Day card professing my love for him.

The reality: We woke up to minnow's mom calling us at 6:30 am. She was in India and shopping for Indian wedding dresses for me. Good news - she found a beautiful dress I love! But we were so busy talking to her that I had no time to do anything in the morning besides quickly get ready for work.

For your viewing pleasure:


minnow's intentions: While I was at work, he was going to clean the apartment, buy flowers, and travel half an hour to the only Cafe Rio in the city to get me my all-time favorite sweet pork enchilada style burrito. 

The reality: I arrived at work to find the internet down and our manager telling everyone to just work from home today. So I turned right around, drove home, and spoiled minnow's surprise plans. We also learned that Shutterfly was having a deal for $1 magnets and free shipping so we spent our entire day designing magnets, and by the time minnow was about to head out for Cafe Rio it was rush hour traffic and would have taken him upwards of an hour to simply get there.

Our intentions: spend a romantic evening eating Cafe Rio together and falling even deeper in love.

The reality: eating Chick-fil-a at home while watching The Matrix, after which staying up late to battle on Pokemon Go and getting upset at minnow for destroying all my pokemon.

But considering I got to spend the entire day with the love of my life, I say the day was an absolute win.

-guppy of doom


Dear Red,

I did what I always do for Valentine's Day--message girls on dating apps at or after 10:00 PM saying, "u up? lol"

-Provo Bros


Dear wife,

Wow, you already want me to start planning for next year?

-Sunday Night Banter