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Question #93202 posted on 07/05/2020 10:32 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I just bought a house and have about ten thousand dollars to buy some new furniture and decorate it. I want my house to look really nice and organized but I have no idea what my style is. I guess it's not very bohemian or modern, just like...normal and nice looking? How can I find decor styles to imitate? How would you do your house if you had money to spend?

-New house who dis


Dear Newbie,

If you have the Home & Garden Network, just watch any of their shows. Any show that involves searching for or redecorating houses. You will get strong opinions very quickly.




Dear Our House,


Re: finding your style -

  • 100% you need to start a moodboard on Pinterest. Just start searching and pinning until you begin to refine the ideas and looks that you enjoy. You'll also find a lot of nice places to shop, plenty of discount codes, and probably some blogs of people who have been in a similar situation as you. All of this can be pretty helpful. 
  • Look on different websites or in magazines for ideas and rooms that are already put together. 
  • Start watching like HGTV because you figure out what you like pretty quickly. 
  • Walk through furniture stores and take pictures of pieces that you like. I do this in IKEA all the time. 
  • If you are looking and you find a table or a couch or a bookshelf or a blanket or a chair that you just ABSOLUTELY LOVE, start thinking about how you might frame the rest of the room around that piece.
What would I do with my house? Oh man. 
I want a super awesome home library, so I would build a room with lots of built-in shelves, a desk, and some comfy chairs, designed for all ages. Something a little bit like this (but probably less bohemian. I like a cleaner look, less eclectic with the poofs and lighting, ya know.) 
 homelibrary.jpg (source)
Then, once I'd achieved that dream I'd probably put a lot of my time into making my dream kitchen. I have a lot of different ideas for that right now, but I know I want an open pantry, an island with a sink, and *maybe* dark, colored cabinets. I'm not sure yet. 
As far as general decor goes, I love large pictures and art on the walls, a tasteful amount of plants, furniture that helps with clean organization, and a lot of blankets and pillows. Basically, I like a modern clean look that has a healthy dose of cozy. 
For your enjoyment, two more ideas from my Pinterest Board:  (which, if you email me I will gladly send you a link to follow it!) 
living room.jpg (source)
(although I must say with this one I would replace the boxes with a sleek wood coffee table, and probably have a different color couch... but I really like the feel of the room. Pebble and my style is like, some strange combo of rustic, industrial, cottage, contemporary... who even knows, really. I just like wood and a good use of color, mostly.) 
 And... in a (probably unrealistic) dream world, Pebble and I will have a beautiful modern A-frame within a reasonable commute to our jobs, and I will have a bedroom like this: 
bedroom.jpg (source)

Dear New House On The Block,

Let me tell ya, I read the first part of your question as "I just bought a horse and have about ten thousand dollars to buy some new furniture and decorate it...", and boy-oh-boy that was a wild trip my brain just went on before I realized what you'd actually said.

-Frère Rubik

posted on 07/06/2020 4:37 p.m.
I would just add a word of caution as you begin identifying your style, particularly if you're pinning boards on Pinterest... Furniture and home decor can be EXPENSIVE. $10,000 may sound like a ton of money, but it won't go very far if you're looking at higher end stores. A single couch could easily cost $4,000+. Some of the photos pinned above look like they are most likely from higher end stores. So, do some early price checks to make sure your ideal style is aligned with your budget.