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Question #93211 posted on 07/08/2020 12:59 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'm a female looking for some hair care tips. I have long wavy hair. I did not grow up styling it and have no experience with that, I'm a Tom boy who doesn't even know who I could ask for advice on this in my life. What I have been doing is going to bed at night with wet hair, brushing it with a side part when I wake up in the morning, and going on with my day. If any part of my hair looks really kinked and thrashed from how I slept on it while it was wet, I will get it wet before brushing it out in the morning to fix it.

The main thing that bothers me about my hair is the general frizziness that it gathers throughout the day. I don't really have much volume to my hair and it sticks fairly flat to my head which doesn't bother me too much right now. But I notice at work that unless I'm visiting the rest room to discreetly put a little water on it throughout the day, it doesn't behave at all. It just sort of ends up looking scraggly and separated. I would like to minimize my daily devolvement into scraggly, frizzy hair. Are there products or tips you could recommend to stop this? I don't really consider this a split end problem. I don't use heat on my hair ever so it's rare for me to see one. Also, I live in a place that has little to no humidity, in case that matters.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
-Cousin Itt


Dear Cuz,

My hair isn't wavy, but it also tends to devolve into scraggly throughout the day. I've found that if I apply some mousse to the roots while my hair is still damp it gives my hair more volume and helps it stay nicer throughout the day. I also just heard about this styling cream that has AMAZING reviews, both from curly and straight-haired ladies, and I plan to try it soon. Reviewers say it controls frizz, boosts volume/lifts roots, smells great, and helps hair maintain its styling throughout the day, and it has 4.5 stars with over 800 reviews. 



Dear IT,

I have two pieces of advice: 

1) If you aren't already, reduce your hair-washing days to 2-3 times a week rather than every day. Washing your hair with shampoo every day strips it of the natural oils it needs to stay shiny and strong. If you allow the oils to restore themselves, you *should* (but not a guarantee because obviously I'm not an expert) see a reduction in frizz. Plus, this is a tip that takes minimal effort, which we love.

1.5) My frizz died down a lot when I started using good shampoo as well. I stopped buying the super cheap drugstore stuff and have been using the OGX Coconut Milk shampoo for about a year now. I won't say that's the specific one you need (the Coconut Miracle Oil one might be better for your waves), but you should definitely shake up the shampoo game to see if it helps. Something sulfate-free, more natural, and hydrating seems like a good way to go. 

2) Argan oil is your best friend. 

I bought the Cantu argan oil leave-in conditioner and it has seriously worked WONDERS on my hair. It's tamed the ends, reduced frizz and flyaways, and generally increased the shine in my hair. My hair isn't super frizzy or wavy, but the difference was night and day - enough that I'm convinced it should work for almost anyone. 

I also have a lightweight argan oil spray from OGX, which I use when I do my hair in the morning. Just a spritz or two and running my hands down from my part makes it super shiny and gets rid of any flyaways I have. I sometimes bring it with me in my purse too.




Dear you,

Boy, have I got tips for you. You would not believe the change my hair has undergone in the two years since I started using these. It's so nice to be able to move throughout my day without worrying so much about frizz and weird, undefined curls and waves.

First, a disclaimer: These tips are pretty commonly shared among people with wavy or curly hair, but learning to take care of your hair always involves some trial and error. These may not all work for you, and even if they do, it may take some time for you to really see a difference. If you want some really personalized advice, figure out your hair type (especially your hair's porosity), and then search for tips for your specific type. r/curlyhair is an excellent resource and has folks with all different curl and wave types who can help you out. You can also look into the Curly Girl Method, which is what I use for my hair.

That said, if you don't want to deep dive into the world of curly/wavy hair care (I don't blame you, it can be overwhelming), here are some tips I use that will be a great start.

1. Reduce friction on your hair. The more things touch your hair, and the rougher those things are, the more frizzy your hair gets. Good ways to address this:

  • Don't use a normal towel to dry your hair. Use a microfiber towel or any t-shirt.
  • Try to avoid touching your hair throughout the day.
  • Consider using a silk or satin pillowcase, or sleep with your hair in a silk or satin bonnet.
  • If you're not sleeping with your hair in a bonnet, try sleeping with it in a loose ponytail or bun on the very top of your head. It looks weird, but makes it so much easier to re-style my hair in the morning.
2. Being deliberate about your styling routine can help your hair stay defined and frizz-free throughout the day:
  • Consider washing your hair less often. Daily washing can dry out your hair.
  • Brush or detangle your hair in the shower, rather than when it's dry. That way, you don't accidentally separate your waves.
  • Try applying a styling product in your hair right after you finish showering, while your hair is still soaking wet.
  • Picking your styling product might take some trial and error. I currently use Shea Moisture's Curl and Style Milk, and Cantu also has some products I've liked in the past. Both brands should be available at pretty much any grocery store. Also, don't shy away from products marketed to kids, especially if you have finer hair. 
  • Use a curl refreshing mist/spray (here's one from Shea Moisture) on mornings when you don't wash your hair, or any time you need to revive your hair a little bit. It's a life saver.

Hopefully, these changes will be pretty simple and shouldn't add time to your hair routine. If making all these changes is overwhelming, start with just a few. Good luck!




Dear you,

I don't have much to add to what the other writers have said, but as a woman with wavy/curly hair, I will definitely back up some of their suggestions!

Argan oil is seriously the best. It helps with frizz, and just makes your hair healthier and softer. Like Josefina says, never brush your hair while it's dry. That will definitely amp up the frizz. Also avoid drying your hair with a regular towel. Personally, I finger brush my hair every time I'm in the shower, and then brush it with a round brush (note: round brushes are better for curly/wavy hair) while it's still wet about once a week or so. I also just let my hair air-dry without every scrunching at it with a towel. 

Finally, feel free to experiment with different shampoos and conditioners. I really like the feeling of pampering myself when I try out new products, and it's fun to see what works with my curls the best.



Dear Wavy,

I think the first thing is to find out your hair type first. Since we can give all of the recommendations in the world, but if we have different hair types, it may not really work well for you! Which can be frustrating. (I have 2B-3A hair.)

I was reading through all of these great recommendations. I'm really cheap and I don't like to buy products for every single thing. Some do, but as a Mom ain't nobody got time or money for that! But to freshen up my hair, I use the curling cream I use, and mix it with warm water in a spray bottle. I shake it like nobody's business, and I spray it all over my hair and scrunch it. 

If I see some halo effect going on, I take that same curl cream on the palm of my hand (like a pencil eraser amount) and mix a little bit of water on it and gently brush it on top of the frizz. For some reason it makes my hair look so much better and it gets rid of the halo of frizz. But be stingy with it first, and then add more if you need more.

I know a lot of people use reddit a lot for hair care, but honestly I love my 2B-3A Curls group because I'm on Facebook a lot already. I get notifications if I'm talking on a thread, and I can search a specific product to see if people with my hair type liked it. So I highly recommend finding a hair type Facebook group as well! I've found products that I love thanks to that group.

-Goldie Rose