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Question #93396 posted on 11/02/2020 9:02 p.m.

Psst. 100 Hour Board.

Y'all got any of thems...

...heartburn stories?

-chalupa chinchilla


Dear Chili,

What about some heartburn caused by heartbreak with a considerable dose of being heartsick thrown in? Currently I've got it all, and here's a poem written for the break.

Lost in a stream, 
but the water keeps flowing
Lost in a dream,
but the nightmare keeps growing

Against the rocks
my spirit keeps dashing
I dared to hope
and now get the lashing
All I have now is drowning
To what end do we love
To what end do we live
When that end leaves us broken and sobbing
And suddenly we're falling
A foundation might appear stone
But when we at last see the bone
We're left alone
No ground to plant our feet
And crumbled ash is all we see
Swept by the current,
but I won't stop swimming
Ground to the floor
but I won't stop crawling
Drown me and dash me
Take the floor out from me
and I'll come back fighting
I'll come back biting
Strip me to nothing
and I'll still find something