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Question #93463 posted on 03/11/2021 3:20 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Here's the situation:

You are going to be exiled to an island somewhere for the next 20 years. You are allowed to bring some things with you for entertainment, but you may only bring 5 things from any category. You may bring 5:

TV Shows
Artist's Music

What are your choices? (Feel free to include 5 of any other categories not included in this list as well)



Dear Pear,


1. Catch-22

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

3. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (I don't care if this is cheating)

4. A Thousand Splendid Suns

5. War and Peace (primarily for the length factor; there's a lot to delve into)


1. Some Like it Hot

2. Hail Caesar!

3. The Princess Bride

4. Hairspray

5. Moulin Rouge

TV Shows:

1. Parks and Recreation 

2. The West Wing

3. The Good Place

4. Arrested Development

5. 30 Rock


1. Mario Kart

2. Yahtzee

3. Crossword puzzles

4. Mahjong

5. A jigsaw puzzle


1. The Beatles

2. Ben Folds

I'm struggling to narrow it down any further regarding artists, so I give up.




Dear bonus fruit,


Mere Christianity

Exploring Mormon Thought: Of God and Gods

A Memory of Light

The Folk Keeper

The Magician's Nephew



Wreck-It Ralph

The Emperor's New Groove

The Princess Bride


Jumanji: The Next Level


TV Shows:


The Office

Person of Interest

One Punch Man

Phineas & Ferb



Against the Current


Red Velvet

Masayoshi Soken




Final Fantasy XIV Online


NieR Automata

Rune Factory 4 Special





Dear friend,

I'm with Anathema here - I think after like year 5 I would surely grow tired and cranky due to a lack of variety. I've considered this as I made my choices... but I also mostly ended up picking things that already have a lot of "Re-" value - Stuff I already rewatch, replay, reread, etc. on a regular basis. 


Minecraft (I've been playing this game for 10+ years and I'm not bored yet)
Settlers of Catan (I could become a master)
Stardew Valley (I haven't played it yet, but I want to!)
Poptropica (Are you nostalgic yet?)
Stata and access to all of the major national datasets. (It's fun to do data management & analysis)


My Jane Austen anthology (it's one physical book so fight me)
My Quad LDS canon set (obviously)
Pierre Bordieu's Distinction (if Annette Lareau still doesn't understand it, I figure I can make it 20 years and still learn new things)
My Classics of Philosophy textbook from PHIL202 (There's some good stuff in there!)
The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (look, 20 years on an island means I can pick collections.)


Pride & Prejudice (2005) - A movie I already rewatch a million times, which fuels and sustains me.
The Princess Bride (yeah, me and everyone else.. but the rewatch value is just too high.)
Interstellar (Pebble's favorite movie, either I really enjoy it or it puts me to sleep, but it's hard to imagine life without it.)
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (It's just priceless, I couldn't NOT watch it.)
Cast Away (for the irony)


Parks & Recreation (I think I may just die without this show. It's too amazing and rewatchable. I will memorize the entire script.)
Avatar: The Last Airbender (this show just hits me in the feels. It's a NEED)
Criminal Minds (there's always more of this show, and it's not like I could possibly memorize all 324 episodes that fast, right?)
The Great British Baking Show (who doesn't need a little GBBS in their life? Mary Berry will carry me through)
Sherlock (hey, if I watch the episodes at the same pace they came out it'll take almost the whole 20 years!)


Coldplay (don't worry, they'll keep making music) 
Jack Johnson (just the second one that came to mind, honestly)
George Winston
Two prolific classical artists so I would take a long time to get through their whole collections and still remember the ones from the beginning - I'm thinking Mozart and Debussy. 




Dear Apple,

It doesn't matter what 5 I choose of anything. I will hate them by the end of that 20 year period. If I have enough sanity left to cogently hate anything that is. Wait, hold that thought. I will bring 5 nice quality yoga mats (I want 5 of the exact same thing cause they're guaranteed to wear out). Then for movies, I'll get in depth tutorials on the 6 Ashtanga yoga series. The books will all be math textbooks. Really big, extensive textbooks with tons of homework questions. 

For any long period of isolation, simple entertainment just doesn't cut it. Entertainment is fun, but a large part of enjoyment in it (at least for me) comes from variety and novelty. If I'm going to attempt and hold on to any threads of sanity, I need to bring things that will present a challenge and offer growth opportunities.