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Question #93490 posted on 03/07/2021 10:04 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Hanna Andersson has some seriously high quality kid clothes, and price tags. Except for sales. Apparently they happen January and June. I recently bought 6 dresses for $13 each instead of $48. Anyways, also been looking at another high quality clothing place - Boden. Their sales aren’t nearly as extreme. I can’t afford their clothes, even when they’re on sale.

I’ve searched the web but came back a little overwhelmed and with no satisfying answers....

What are some other kid clothing stores that are high quality and whose sales being items down to manageable prices?

Manageable, for me, is

$5-8 for leggings
$10-20 dresses
$10-15 pants
$10-15 Shoes

And humble brag... shoes.... saw they were 50% off at Target. Read the fine print. Clearance included. Bought $25 little boy shoes for $7. Bam.

-Hand me down quality


Dear Hand Me Downs,

So... only Sunday Night Banter and I are parents. I'm pretty sure his daughter is younger than the age of five, and Carl Jr. just hit one in January. I don't know how old your kids are, but I honestly love Kohls. I buy Carl Jr. onesies at Kohl's all the time! Today (3/7) there is a big sale ending tonight and I got a 5 pack of 24 month onesies for $13. I think Kohl's is a pretty good quality myself! If you spend enough money you get free Kohl's cash that you can use in future purchases. (For example, Kohl's was having a huge car seat sale and we bought two car seats. Sooo much free Kohl's cash that we used for Christmas and birthday presents. WIN.) If you saw this answer after 3/7, I wouldn't be surprised if they have sales for Easter or St. Patrick's Day.

Now here's the tricky part. You're looking at a person here whose favorite store is DESERET INDUSTRIES. I would be crazy if I didn't suggest going there! I don't think your definition of quality is the same as mine. (Especially since I think D.I. is great and can find high-quality things.) ANYWAY, Sandy's D.I. is reeeeally nice and I went there when I lived in Provo since the Provo one is usually picked over. I live up north now so I go to the Centerville one and I love it. Salt Lake D.I.'s can be a hit or miss, but I've found some good stuff there too.  

I haven't shopped these places myself for kid clothes, but I've heard that H&M is good (once again quality is iffy depending on who you're talking to) and I know Old Navy is usually having some sale. I also used to be a Target snob, but honestly? I love me some good Walmart clothes! Guesthouse recommended checking out the Kate Quinn shop, but she can't vouch for the quality.

One last place that I can recommend is buying literal hand me downs. Facebook Marketplace and KSL seem to be FILLED with second hand clothes. You could always ask for more pictures to see how they look. I'm also in a 'Buy Nothing' group on Facebook that offer free kid clothes a lot. I love being environmentally friendly and helping out the planet by having clothes not going in the trash. I also recommend joining some Mom groups on Facebook and ask this same question on there. That way you get more answers from multiple Moms instead of just one. :) Us Moms love a good deal!

If any other parental readers have any shops that they love with good sales, feel free to leave a correction.

-Goldie Rose

posted on 03/08/2021 11:27 a.m.
They don't have any Utah locations, but my wife has found some great deals at Rhea Lana. It seems like they have events a few times a year, so if you live close, that might be another place to check out.
-The Skipper