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Question #93496 posted on 03/14/2021 8:36 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I appreciated Sunday Night Banter's use of a table in Board Question #93431. Can you please write an answer that showcases all the formatting buttons available when writing answers?



Dear friend, 

Ah, yes. The birth of a Board answer. What a beautiful thing. I hadn't even realized that a reader would not be familiar with how we create the bits of writing that appear on their screen. I'll let you in on the secrets. Here's a snapshot of the Answer creation box, with all its formatt-y goodness. I've included some numbers through which I can explain all the buttons. Sorry it's a little blurry. As you will learn, our image insert system is kinda crappy. 

Updated Board Buttons.jpg

1) Alias selection menu. In case you didn't know, some of us have secondary 'nyms. This is where you can select which alias to use, including "None" which allows us to write questions anonymously if needed. 

2) These menus drop down to select Styles (heading, subheading, body, etc.), font family (Comic Sans, Ariel, Courier New, and a few others.), and font size. 

3) Clearly, these are the buttons for bold, italics, underline, and strikethrough.

4) These are buttons for Flush Left, Center, Flush Right, or Justified.

5) This is the button we use if we want to include a blockquote, which will indent and "paragraph"-ify the quote. 

6) These are the subscript and superscript buttons. 

7) This one will take a block of text and remove the extra spacing between the lines. When we use ENTER to create a new line, it automatically buffers each line with extra space. This button removes it. You may see this being used for answers that include long lists. 

8) The erase formatting button! You may have been privileged to have spotted some rogue smallfont. We have a weird bug that appears when you copy/paste, delete old parts of a response, and basically just write a long answer... it just shrinks the font size. This button gets rid of that problem, but it also will remove any other formatting. 

9) This is the HTML button, which will pull up a new GUI with the HTML version of the text. You can also use this to delete all of the smallfont formatting. I don't think most of us use it. 

10) Hyperlink and Unlink buttons

11) Insert Image button... this is a frustrating process. You have to upload the image, then go to the place in the answer you want to include it, then click this button and select the image from the list of uploads. 

12) File Link button. Frankly, I've never seen anyone use this... but it works similarly to how a hyperlink works. 

13) Link Board Question. This one is the BEST!!!! You just click it, type in the number of the Board question you're referring to, and it'll automatically create a link to it. 

14) Increase and decrease indent buttons 

15) List format buttons for numbered or bulleted lists. 

16) Table editing buttons... Create table, table row properties, table cell properties, insert row above/below, delete row, insert column left/right, delete column, split cells, merge cells. It is COMPLICATED to create a table and format it using only these buttons, honestly. 

17) Help button, opens a GUI explaining the software used for this text writing and editing deal. 

18) Attachments button. This opens up THIS fun little thing in which you select a file to upload, then you have to save and close the answer, then open to edit it AGAIN, then insert the image/file using the insert buttons mentioned earlier.


19) Save and Close & Save and Keep Editing buttons.... obviously. This is what you click when you're done working on an answer. 

In order to open up all of this stuff, you have to click on the "Edit Response" button on your answer. I have a few... other privileges, but for the most part it looks like this:

editing box.jpg

You can also add flagettes to your own and other people's answers. You've probably heard of flagettes but may not know how they work. They basically are just little comment things on each answer. We use them to tell each other parts of our answers that need corrections, or just to comment/communicate/joke around/warn each other of Rick rolls on Tipperary's answers. Flagettes appear at the bottom of an answer and are visible to everyone, even if you aren't editing the answer. They look like this: 


I think that's most of it! There are a few other buttons we use to mark a question as answered and give it categories. 

This concludes this part of our tour, thanks for joining me!




Dear Pan,

I love the reference for your sign off to this question. Just had to throw that in here. K Thanks, Bye.


posted on 03/15/2021 8:36 p.m.
My mentor also told me that you have to Save and Close and then go back to Edit a question to attach a file, but I personally have never had any problems using Save and Keep Editing. Just thought that little tidbit might be helpful for any writers that want to save a couple of clicks.

-The Entomophagist