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Question #93516 posted on 03/10/2021 3:50 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How often do Board Members check their board-affiliated email addresses? Specifically, I mean Guesthouse.

-Awaiting a response


Dear Friend,

I have now responded!

As I pointed out in my email response, up until today I didn't have my Board email synced to the Gmail app on my phone, so the only way to check it was to login through Gmail. I don't typically remember to do that, because we don't really get a lot of email traffic. 


So, for the reference of anyone else who reads this, we love getting emails! We get a little sad and lonely because we feel like the Board is sputtering along and we don't get contacted much. The Board-affiliated emails just operate through Gmail, but you have to create your password and login through that separate account. Our Board interface as writers is *supposed* to update a little notification when you have emails, but it doesn't work right now. 

If you're a website coding savvy person, you might consider applying to help us make the Board Great Again (but like, definitely not in a Trumpy way)

Anyways, thanks for your message! 




Dear Readers,

I check my Board email every day (with rare exceptions). Please email me. The invitations I occasionally leave in answers are no joke. People on the Board are awesome (excluding our occasional trolls), and I've love to be exchanging emails with you. Plus if it's ever been your dream to uncover a writer's identity, I'm very loose with mine.

~Anathema (anathema@theboard.byu.edu)


Dear Friend,

I have my email synced with my phone, so anytime I get an email (which includes when I get a note from another writer on an answer), I will get a notification on my phone. So, if any readers want to get in touch, I'm more than happy to get back to you there. :) And you don't even have to wait 100 hours!



Dear reader,

Between you and me, this makes for a pretty boring inbox:



Guesthouse is right. Sometimes we get a little sad and lonely. I get push notifications sent to my phone whenever I receive an email to my Board address, and when it's invariably a flagette notification I look a little something like this:


Can you live with 9Sayori on your conscience? Didn't think so.




Dear you,

Wow, don't they sound like a bunch of desperate writers begging for attention? ^^^

Just kidding, I'm also desperate. E-MAIL ME TOO.

 Attention Kitten.gif

Fun fact: Whenever I want Carl's attention, I get up in his grill and say ATTENTION really loud.

I have it on my phone so I get notified whenever I get a flagette or an email.

-Goldie Rose (goldie.rose@theboard.byu.edu)