Whenever he thought about it, he felt terrible. And so, at last, he came to a fateful decision. He decided not to think about it. ~John-Roger and Peter McWilliams
Question #93519 posted on 03/15/2021 7:06 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I have a really hard time with the concept of "putting it in the Lord's hands". The sad part is it wasn't always the case. Some years ago when I was wrestling with a decision, a phrase from the scriptures came to mind "consider the lilies". When I searched the phrase, I found D&C 84:81-84 and knew that my decision was the right one (moving to UT from California). Now 20 years later I find myself in the midst of financial difficulty. My wife, on the other hand, knows that the Lord won't forsake us that somehow we survive (bills, student loans (after the pause is over), and a debt to the IRS. I've prayed and received comfort but I keep second guessing. I know that faith requires stepping into the dark but I feel like I am holding a tiny candle in a pitch black room. I guess you could sy I keep going back to the Lord asking for a reassurance hoping for an overwhelming unmistakable feeling of peace but all that comes is a hint of said feeling. How can I let it go and trust that if I do my part (keep the commandments and try to pay my tithing/fast offering) that HE will sustain us (I should also add that anything big like a major car repair would devastate us as our emergency fund is meager at best.

-Hanging by a thread


Dear Thread,

My spouse and I are currently going through some tough medical issues. A lot of times we also feel the same way as you do about the tiny candle in a pitch black room. I don't have all the answers from you, but there are two things that are often helpful for us. The first is remembering the promises of the Lord. God has made so many promises. Some of them are for blessings in the long term, but so many of them are short term blessings. The other thing that is helpful is focusing on the good things that are happening right now. If you pay attention to the pitch black room, you will feel surrounded by darkness. If you focus on the candle you will feel a lot more light.

Hope this is helpful for you. The other week was rough and we read one of our favorite talks "Trust in the Lord" by Richard G. Scott. We really like it, you might like it as well.

-Fellow Candle Holder


Dear Hanging,

I've been thinking about this question and wishing I had something meaningful to say, words of comfort to share. But I don't. Honestly, this feeling really resonates with me. Because as deeply as I trust and believe that God loves me, I also believe that what God will allow to happen is very different from my view of what is acceptable. I mean, if God always intervened, we wouldn't have child molestation, monstrous war atrocities, etc. I can believe that eternity will be more full, and better than anything I can possibly imagine, but in the context of short term situations, that kind of promise isn't applicable. 

The only thing that helps me in the short term is that thus far God hasn't let me down. It's very easy to find examples outside my life of horrible things happening, but when it comes down to it, I can't base my relationship with God off of the lives of other people. So I do my best to hope.