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Question #93525 posted on 03/17/2021 2:42 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How is the board doing? Will, there be a day I go to the board and click I'm bored and simply get a 404 error? Is there anything we can do to help you out? What are you doing to get the fact you exist out there?

-Board and worried.


Dear You,

We haven't had any error 404s, but we did have an error 500 incident last month.

-Goldie Rose


Dear Boardie,

As the one who is maintaining this website I will state that the Board is not going to disappear suddenly. The Board is not associated with BYU anymore but we have had discussions with BYU admins about our existence and I have fairly consistent contact with them. There are no plans for BYU to try to take the Board down, especially since the Board could easily exist outside of BYU's influence entirely. In any case, any changes to the Board would be announced on the Home page, so worry not.



Dear Bored Boardie, 

The Board will never die. 

The Board is quieter now because everyone has Google, so they don't ask us the same questions anymore. I'm still probably better at finding answers than the average person, but people don't feel like they "need" us to find answers for them as much. People only come when they want to.

Thus, the Board has become increasingly "niche." When you have a niche website, it inevitably gets snubbed out by stupid things like the BYU subreddit, which have way less culture and way more annoying dudebros. The Board is a million times better than the subreddit, but Reddit is more popular. Sorta like how smaller artists make better folk music than Taylor Swift but she inevitably gets the Grammy.

On top of that, when the Great Separation happened (ask about that later), it became harder to find us on accident, so traffic decreased substantially. Aaaaand probably about a thousand other simple and small things about life in 2021 that make it harder for the Board to thrive like it used to. 


Now. You want the Board Renaissance. I tried to start the Board Renaissance when I became a writer. I worked really hard! I designed and paid for flyers! Inklings and Cerulean and I handed them out in Heritage Halls! We left them in all sorts of weird places! We talked to randos on campus to get them to join the Board! But traffic and question quantity didn't change much, at least not for long. We had a big meeting with Alta and her husband, Tipperary, Anathema and me and we talked about doing more T-shirts, trying to jumpstart the new version of the Board with continuous scroll and a less 90's-esque aesthetic. All of that stuff is still possible, but it moves slowly. We've tried to keep up some social media before, but it's very nonorganic for a website of weirdo nerds to try to run an Instagram account as if we're influencers. 

But I'm still full of ideas, and I really care about the Board and its vitality. I graduate in April and I want to spend my summer on the Board. I'd be happy to hand out more flyers, work on/find other people to help push out the Board 6.0, and I promise to complete answers ON TIME and get over the guilt of deleting responses that hold things in the inbox for too long! WHO'S WITH ME?!

There are several things I think would help the Board reach a new peak - and most of them require some networking. 

I think we probably need to have TWO web designers. Spectre is spectacular, but he lives in a different state and has a family. Having an experienced friend and a younger CS major with a lot of spunk could be exactly what we need to revitalize the website side of things. 

I also think we'd benefit from a writer who works in marketing/adlab. Or even a reader who just really wants to help out. I will sacrifice my identity to work with you. And if you want to run our social media accounts, I think we could probably benefit from creating a new position for that. Figure out how to apply and let us know that's what you want to do! 

I think we need to put ourselves out there more. I probably should make a Reddit account with my Alias and just post links to the Board on the Reddit. Redditors are surely bored enough to visit sometimes, right? If they can screw up the stock market I'm sure they could create some activity for the Board. 

As for you, lovely reader- you can help too. Share the Board with people you know. Link to it on your Facebook/Instagram/whatever. Tell your buddies if you haven't already. If other people shared answers on social media, I think it would help a lot. 

Really, I think we need some Board Missionary Work. Convert some people to the gospel of the Board. It's that whole thing - if you convert 5 people, maybe 2 of them will stick around for the long run, but they could convert 5 people each and then pretty soon we'll have some serious traffic around here! It's easiest for readers to do this because they don't have to worry about sacrificing anonymity to share links to Board answers on their personal page... so if you can and are willing, please do! 

Also, if you or someone you know works for the Daily Universe, we'd love to do a feature one of these days. We were supposed to have one like last year but it didn't end up happening. That would probably work. And idk, maybe Studio C should do a sketch about us. I can dream big!