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Question #93528 posted on 03/22/2021 1:12 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Have any of you used any of the investment services that charge money for their information? (the ones that charge month for stock advice and analysis) I've been getting into investing for a few years, but outside of taking some finance classes at BYU, I don't have much formal education. So have any of you used any that are worth it, or any free information that works well?

-My Name Here


Dear friend,

My brother-in-law posted on LinkedIn that he uses Motley Fool. He seemed to have a positive impression and experience. I haven't even touched anything like that, so I can't personally add my endorsements. Frankly, the fact that he pays upwards of $100 a year for stock advice is something I can't even imagine - but if it's important to you, it might be worth it! He does a lot of things I think are crazy, but things tend to work out for him. So do whatever you want, I guess. 

Like Inklings says, I think there are lots of people you could find, connect with, and communicate with who would offer you free advice. Even people on LinkedIn are so desperate for post engagement they offer snippets all the time. 




Dear MNH,

In addition to the direct answers to your question, if you'd like to get investment advice, you can go to most of your professors and they would be happy to help you. I would imagine not all of them would want to help you stay current with which specific companies to invest in, but they can help you recognize trends and give you a good foundation outside of the classes you are in. Of the circles I'm involved in, just asking people in the financial sector for advice seems to be a really good option, especially when you're first establishing a foundation so (1) you don't get bamboozled, and (2) you don't spend money on financial advice while you're still just getting your feet wet.

Or you can always just invest in the stocks that Elon Musk says to and follow the money train.