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Question #93531 posted on 03/22/2021 9:19 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Has anyone ever given birth on BYU campus? If so, where? It seems like that must have happened sometime!

-Jenny Lee


Dear Jenny,

It has happened! And if you had guessed a Helaman Halls Bathroom you would have been right. The Budge Hall Advisor went into labor and there wasn't time to get to the hospital so she gave birth right where she was (Source).




Dear Jenny Lee, Mountain Queen

Why, don't forget the robots that must give birth time and again in the windowless basement of the SWKT for the  avaricious appeasement of Knowledge.

"Surely, Ardilla, you jest!" you titter nervously. 

Nay, Jenny, robots are no punchline.
And soon enough there'll be no way to keep them offline.

Take a look for yourself with the bizarre short documentary piece "Complicated Birth."


--Ardilla Feroz 


Dear Jen Jen,

Have you ever heard of the screams or groans coming from the bottom of the basement of the library? While some may argue that it's the sound of a desperate student or two trying to cram for their midterms, it is actually the sound of tunnel worms giving birth. The offspring are ravenous for their first meal of weary freshman, caught unaware. Beware freshman, beware.

-Goldie Rose


Dear Jenny,

Fun fact, I'm actually related to the hall advisor who gave birth in the Helaman Halls Bathroom! She also gave birth in her bathroom at home with another pregnancy. She thought she was having some digestive troubles when in reality she was in labor.