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Question #93545 posted on 04/02/2021 5:06 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is the oddest compliment someone's ever given you?

-My Name Here


Dear you,

I don't know if this is considered an odd compliment... but when I was a cashier at Hobby Lobby, one of the customers told me that I had nice hands and that I should be a hand model. (I've actually gotten this several times.) This was probably due to the fact that I painted my nails a lot and I grew them out since I had time (hah not anymore). Now that I have Carl Jr. I have short stubby nails in fear of stabbing him whenever he runs amok. 

Another customer heard me singing (I don't know why since Hobby Lobbs only plays instrumental music) and she said that God gave me that voice and asked me to be in her church's choir.

Not a compliment but a weird insight: The first thing Carl noticed about me was how skinny my wrists and ankles are. (When I was in labor, the nurses also noticed this about my arms. I needed a kid's size blood pressure cuff since the adult size was too big!

-Goldie Rose


Dear MNH,

I have been told by several people that I'm the whitest person they've ever met so I'm not sure how to feel about that.

Also, I don't think it's a compliment, but every time I get my hair cut the person cutting my hair comments that my hair is very very fine(as in small in diameter). Several times they've had to take apart the electric clippers and fix them because my super fine hairs broke the clippers.




Dear you,

My high school English teacher told me I was "too smart for The Great Gatsby."

Once I walked into a bathroom at work, and another cast member was drying her hands. She took one look at me and said "You're way too pretty to work this hard." Which wasn't an odd compliment, but an odd circumstance in which to be complimented.

A man with a foot fetish once complimented my sandals. 




Dear you,

One time I was painting the nails of my niece and her cousin (my niece's cousin on her other side, and so not another one of my nieces) and the cousin, delighted with her sparkly pink nails told me, "You're as pretty as my toenails!"

Nothing beats compliments from little kids, guys.



Dear friend,

I maintain that this is actually the best insult I ever got, but my friend insists he was trying to compliment me. I'll let you decide:

One time, my friends and I were doing homework together. I got frustrated and announced that I was dropping out of school to become a trophy wife. My friend replied, "Okay, so your brain is telling you to drop out and become a trophy wife, right?"


"Okay. But what are your looks telling you?"

I will never let him live it down, because that was simultaneously the funniest and most piercing insult I've ever gotten. He insists he meant that my looks are good enough that they're also telling me to drop out and become a trophy wife. But that's definitely not how it came across. Good thing he's my favorite person ever, and would never intentionally be mean, or I might be hurt.