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Question #93557 posted on 04/11/2021 5:48 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

If you plan on showing any future children of yours the Star Wars movies, what order will you show them in?
If you don't plan on showing them Star Wars at all, why not?
Bonus: do you remember your first time seeing the Star Wars movies, particularly the original trilogy?



Dear Tatooine,

I don't remember exactly when I first saw any of the Star Wars movies, unfortunately.

I plan on showing my kids 4-6, then the Phineas and Ferb Star Wars movie, then 1-3, then Rogue One, and possibly Solo. I'm pretty sure that's all of the Star Wars movies.



Dear Tooine,

I had no preference so I asked Carl.  This is what he said:

"Well, since the original trilogy (4-6) came out so long ago (slower-moving, less compelling visuals), I'm afraid my kids will simply be too bored to watch them if they see the prequel trilogy (1-3) first.  We'll start with the original trilogy, so they can understand how the whole saga started.

Then the prequel trilogy (1-3), Rogue One (3.5), and ask them two questions (no means skip it):

  • "Would you like to see the origin story of Han Solo and Chewbacca?"
  • "Would you like to watch 4-6 again, so you can see everything in order?"

And finally, the sequel trilogy that Disney put together (7-9).  They're not allowed to watch The Mandalorian until they've seen the films."

He's similar to Tipperary and he said he wants to show our kids the classics first 4-6 first so they can appreciate them without seeing the prequels. 

-Goldie Rose


Dear Ratatooine,

I think you have to watch the original trilogy first, then the prequels, and then the most recent trilogy. This has nothing to do with nostalgia, or story, how how good any of the movies are.

I remember the first time watching the original trilogy and it was so cool. The lightsaber fights? Epic. The effects? It all looked real to me. And then I watched the prequels, and then I watched the most recent trilogy.

So then I went back to watch the originals and guys the lightsaber fights are so lame. The newer movies have acrobatics, multiple people fighting, double sided light sabers, more use of the force, cooler settings, better sound effects, etc. The original lightsaber fight between Obi Wan and Darth Vader looks geriatric even at 2X speed. And as far as special effects go the effects the original was ahead of its time, but doesn't even come close to the more modern films.

The original trilogy is a masterpiece. And I think the best way to appreciate it as a masterpiece is to see it first.




Dear Tats,

Have I given any thought to movie order/introduction of any movies to potential future children? Nope! But I guess I will now. And so my official plan now is to still have no plan. Star Wars is entertaining,  but not something I feel a particular need to ensure my children know about. So if they want to watch the movies, they can, but I won't be planning that introduction.


posted on 04/12/2021 11:23 p.m.
One does not simply leave out Star Wars the Clone Wars!! As to where to fit it in...probably not chronologically, at least not most of it, as it gives away too much about order 66.
So my order would be: 4-6, 1-3, Clone Wars, Rogue one, option to rewatch 4-6, then Mandalorian, (plus Bad Batch, Ahsoka, and other series probably. Rebels and Solo if they're interested). And if they're still interested in Star Wars, I suppose they can watch 7-9 (fingers crossed those have been retconned by then though)
_-Corsica S. who definitely has thought about this before