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Question #93584 posted on 05/23/2021 8:41 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Now that Yahoo Answers is shutting down, what's your favorite bizarre question from the service?



Dear Dear Deer,

I've always been partial to a bit of It Just Gets Stranger, a long-running blog by Eli McCann. If you're not familiar with it, I'd suggest the same entry point I used: Snuggie Texts, in which a misplaced text asking for wedding gift suggestions goes very well. He also did a few Yahoo! Answers themed posts, wherein he asked absurd questions and received amusing answers. Here's a couple, for taste:

Question 3: What are the best ways to put a cat down at home? My cat has been sleeping more than usual and I'm pretty sure she must be sick. I'm just wondering what the most humane way is to put her down without having to leave the house. HELP?!?!?!

Question 4:
Should I separate my chicken and cat? My chicken and my cat have been sharing the same sleeping space while we are remodeling the cat's room. They have been fighting non-stop but I'm wondering whether separating them will only tell them that it's ok to fight each other. Also, I'm worried about the chicken getting pregnant (the cat is male). Is that even possible?!?!?!?!


Question 8: Is it safe to eat eggs when you've never had the chicken pox? At least, I think I've never had chicken pox. There's literally no way to test for this without getting naked and I refuse.


Question 2: How do I stop resenting my cat for hating my music? My cat, trickies, freaks out every time I listen to The Carpenters,  which is my favorite band of all time. At first it was fine, but it's  really started to bother me. How are we supposed to bond if she won't  listen to the music I love??? I know it sounds stupid, but I'm seriously  starting to resent her for it. Is there a way I make her like them???

Have fun with those!


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear pregananant,

Especially as a Board writer, my favorite questions are the extremely obscure questions (whether answered or unanswered) that I come across when I have a random question that I'm researching or that just pops into my head and that I'm curious about.



Dear Not Pragnet,

This article shares some of my favorites! One including the techno song, pizza rolls, One Direction, pet potato, and walking on the sun.

-Goldie Rose