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Question #93589 posted on 05/05/2021 11:26 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is there any way to train yourself to sleep more deeply?

I am a very light sleeper. Anytime a roommate so much as opens a door in another room I wake up. Obviously, I would like that to not be the case. I've tried putting in earbuds with white noise, but it feels weird wearing earbuds when I'm trying to sleep. Any tips?

-Sleepless in Provo


Dear Wide Awake on the Wasatch Front,

My roommate is a pretty light sleeper, and the thing that he does is have white noise playing on a speaker. He just uses a box fan noise like this one that plays for two hours as he's falling asleep and into the night, though I looked on Spotify and they have other sounds and fan noises, so you can check whatever works best for you. If you wanted, you could do that or just use an actual fan (which is what I use to fall asleep to). If limiting light helps, you could get a sleep mask or something similar so that light and sound are muffled. My dad also suggested try sleeping cold or hot and see if that affects it. Our body likes to sleep cool, so it might help to have a consistent temperature of your room.

You could also look at ways to improve your sleep hygiene as well (this link or look up other ways), which will help your body regulate and prepare for sleep.

Best of luck!



Dear Sleepy,

I don't have any suggestions for sleeping more deeply, but if the trouble is the earbuds, I can certainly recommend these sleep headphones. They're not the most fashionable accessory out there, but they have been life-changing for me!! I have a hard time falling asleep unless I'm listening to a podcast or something, and these make it much more comfortable :)