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Question #93600 posted on 05/12/2021 2:11 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I’m concerned about the superheroes. In both the Snyder cut, and the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we find that the protagonists are struggling to support their family farms. This seems to imply that there is no public or private financial support for those who are superheroes. Since most of the superheroes we know of don’t seem to have day jobs, I’m concerned for their financial situations. I’m hoping to help by finding out which superheroes need money to support themselves and their family farms, and what jobs they could do well while staying undercover. What advice do you have for these struggling superheroes?

-My Name Here


Dear Concerned,

Option 1:

The superheroes band together and form a journalism business. I mean, being a reporter works for Superman/Clark Kent, and Spiderman does photography for another news outlet. Clearly this is a booming business for superheroes. It can combine gathering intel on things, and since they'll all be in on it together, maintaining cover at the workplace becomes a non-issue. Plus if they write under psuedonames, the public will (theoretically) be none the wiser.

Option 2:

Podcasting. With all these family farms floating around, they could start a podcast on gardening. Just imagine how relaxing it would be to go from life threatening battles protecting the world to chatting about how flowers grow. 

Option 3:

YouTube star. They could just produce like one super cool video per month and rake in the money. Yeah this option doesn't have much in the under cover department, BUT everyone in the Marvel universe already knows what the superheroes look like. I'm sure they would be super popular, and very quickly rise to the top of watch charts.



Dear Anonymous,

I definitely agree with Anathema that a superhero could just ask to be paid in cash or something non-traceable, and they could do a job using their powers. Unfortunately, it seems that in a lot of cases, being a superhero is a full-time job, so I agree with Anathema that something like a celebrity career and having sponsors or a Patreon would better serve them. Maybe everyone who supports them on Patreon could get cool stuff from their fights/adventures. I would think they could also license their own brand and have someone sell their merch (action figures of them, clothing, etc.). It's weird to think about selling merch (specifically action figures) of someone who is real, but it would make a lot of sense. I think that would also solve the problem of them being seen as independent from the rest of the world, and I think they could do a lot of good outside of superhero-ey stuff.