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Question #93608 posted on 05/26/2021 8:11 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Do you only make soup during cold weather, or year round?

-Solving A Dispute


Dear Stewing Controversy,

I make soup year-round, but I definitely see the point of just having it during cold weather, since it would be more of a comfort food in the cold. Soup is an anytime food, though.



Dear friend,

I make soup most often during cold weather. Really the only kinds of soup I make during the summer is tomato soup with grilled cheese. While I think you can consume whatever food whenever you want, I prefer to eat less warm foods during the summertime. It just feels extra heavy when it's like 100 degrees outside. Hence why I like fall and winter cooking/baking the best.




Dear Dispute

I only make soup when people are sick. I don't know if this helps or hurts your argument, but I have a story for you!


So once upon a time in the Provo YSA 243rd ward, there was an FHE group.

And in this group there was a lass, and a lad that had a crush on said lass.

The lad, however, wasn't quite sure how to make a move.

But one day, the lass got sick. The lad saw an opportunity!

He made her soup and took it to her.

She thought it was sweet, and they started talking. Talking turned into friendship, friendship turned into dating, dating turned into marriage.

And all of this started with homemade soup

The lad's name?


Absolute legend.





Dear Solvent,

I was actually just debating if it would be weird for me to make tomato soup at this time of year! Now I have that comfortably solved.

~Anathema, who will soon have delicious homemade tomato soup

posted on 05/27/2021 8:35 a.m.
I make and eat soup year round, but in the summer I usually eat the soup cold. Most soups work well chilled.

Zwerg Zwei