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Question #93616 posted on 06/09/2021 1 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

With in-person gatherings starting again, I'm looking for fun excursions on campus over the summer, anything from a concert to a visiting speaker. What are some cool events happening this summer on campus, or in Provo in general?

-Fern Walters


Dear Fern,

I would go check out the various clubs at BYU. They've got activities of every flavor. For example, they've got an outdoor adventure club. And if you want to plan your own outdoor adventures BYU has equipment you can rent.

Adventure is out there!




Dear Fern,

Some good places to look for events are utahvalley.com/events and on provo.org, and also doing a google search of activities you'd want to doo/see, and see if there's anything that piques your interest. The Provo library always has cool things going on, too.

Lately, I've been enjoying following the Bored in Provo Instagram page, which has fun restaurants and activity ideas.

Best of luck!



Dear Agatha Shelley,

There still aren't very many events going on on campus, but here are some events happening in the community :) All of these are free except Fork Fest.

  • Downtown Provo Art Stroll - first Friday of every month. (I actually prefer going to see the art when it's not super crowded, but the Art Stroll is still kinda fun.)
  • Provo Farmer's Market - Saturdays 9am-2pm, @ Pioneer Park.
  • Orem Summerfest - June 7-12. There's a carnival, parade, fireworks, etc.
  • Fork Fest- June 19. Music & arts festival in American Fork.
  • Freedom Festival Beach Party - June 25, 4-10pm, @ the Riverwoods.
  • Type-In at Pioneer Book - July 10 @ 7pm. (I heard about this from a friend, and I don't know anything about typewriters, but I'm tempted to go anyway because I love any excuse to go to Pioneer Book.)
  • Springville Art Museum - always worth a visit anytime, but a new exhibit (47th Annual Utah Quilt Show!) opens on July 17th.