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Question #93629 posted on 06/13/2021 2:43 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is a subculture you're a part of? Can you describe how it fractals and any current drama within it?



Dear friend,

For me, that would be the Poirot fandom. Yes, there is a fandom. I got very into it over quarantine and am not going to apologize for being a fan of the esteemed Belgian detective.

It's incredibly low drama. Mostly it's just people exchanging the occasional meme and sometimes writing their own mysteries. 


I will say that there is some debate over who the best Poirot actor is. The people who say David Suchet are right, the ones who say Peter Ustinov are okay but on thin ice, and the people who say Kenneth Branagh are wrong. Though I did really like the Branagh movie. I just don't think it's the best, and David Suchet is iconic.

I also got into the Jeeves and Wooster fandom for a bit but wasn't in it long enough to get a real feel for it, y'know?

-Van Goff


Dear Pantalaimon~

I'll be honest, as much as I love XKCD, I have no idea what you're actually asking here. This is just past my nerdiness level.

Is Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere a subculture? If so, I'm definitely in there. I don't know how it fractals. Current drama (and drama for the last several books) has easily been people's opinions about Moash. I won't go into more details for obvious spoiler reasons. 

~Dragon Lady


Dear Pantalaimon,

I'm part of the board gaming IG community, and it's awesome. I'm involved enough to have friends but not involved enough to know drama if there is any, and THAT is exactly how I like it. 



Dear Pantalaimon (love the 'nym, by the way),

I don't really participate actively in any online subculture these days. I subscribe to all the Gamer Network channels on YouTube (i.e. Outside Xbox, Outside Xtra, Eurogamer, Dicebreaker), but the most I'll do with that is occasionally leave a comment or jump in the chat if I catch them live.

I support Kate Beaton (of Hark, A Vagrant!) on Patreon, but...well, yeah, that doesn't really feel like what you're going for here.

I guess the closest thing I can think of is that I frequently check up on the subreddits for Hollow Knight and Splatoon (and, less frequently, Stardew Valley), but I never post there, just read other people's posts. (Disclaimer: all subreddits are out there in the wild, untamed part of the internet, so if you go scrolling around there you may encounter Board-inappropriate topics and/or language). As far as drama goes...well, there's not much, which is probably why I gravitate to them.

The Splatoon community is usually chattering about one of three major topics:

  • When will we get more news about Splatoon 3? (To which I say, for Pete's sake, we just got the announcement trailer a couple of months ago, do you not understand how this works? They announced Breath of the Wild 2 two years ago and we literally haven't heard anything since),
  • Should you Booyah back? (Yes, you should), and
  • Is squidbagging cool? (Never, unless during Salmon Run)

Meanwhile the Hollow Knight community is mostly just going crazy because Hollow Knight: Silksong was first announced over two years ago and we've had very little news since then. (They also tend to go to Nintendo Direct livestreams and spam "SILKSONG WHEN???" in the chat, which is very annoying, so please, stop doing that, Hollow Knight community.)

Sorry for the bland answer. *shrugs*

-Frère Rubik


Dear friend,

I spend quite a bit of time on Bookstagram. I don't have my own account, but I follow and interact with a good number of reading pages. I think it's fun! It keeps me in the loop of popular books, helps me find recommendations, and everyone tends to be pretty nice. 

The subculture I spend the most time on is the Coldplay Discord. You can catch me on there as Guesthouse! All speculation and news happens there first, so it's really exciting to chat with people who are as obsessed as I am. Within the Coldplay fandom there are frequently two camps - "oldplayers" who like the first 3-4 albums and are angry at how "synthetic" and "poppy" the new stuff has been, and "newplayers" who are living for the upbeat, mainstream electronic music that's coming out. I am neither. I love all the albums for their respective beauty. Let people enjoy stuff without always having to be right or have some hot take about it. Making drama about the world's most mainstream band is a huge waste of time. 




Dear Doctor,

I'm engaged (a little bit) with Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere subculture on reddit and tumblr. The one recent thing was something I helped stir up on reddit suggesting that female friendships are lacking in the Cosmere books. It got more discussion than I anticipated, which is either a good or a bad thing. I'm hoping a bit that Sanderson saw it, especially since he's historically been pretty good at making changes when problems are identified. (One example of this is changing his autistic characters after discussion of his depiction of autism in Elantris.)

A more fun Cosmere note is the introduction of one of the characters from the Mistborn series—Kelsier—in Fortnite. Most people in the Cosmere fandom are pretty cool with it, since it's the first mainstream introduction of a Cosmere character. There's some small concern that a larger audience will disrupt the current fandom state (which is generally chill), but that's a concern with every fandom that goes mainstream. (Here's a video of Kelsier doing all of the Fortnite dances and it is...wild.)

As an aside, the Hobby Drama subreddit is one of my favorites to read about the drama from other subgroups that you aren't in.

-Tally M.


Dear yosef,

I don't know if this counts, but lockdown got me into tracking conspiracy theorists and it's awesome*. I don't actively participate, but I lurk in a lot of places and the divisions between groups is really interesting. QAnon-ish groups and the anti-vax movements are pretty big tent, and in some senses there's not a lot of division because there isn't a required orthodoxy of belief. Everyone is just "yes and"ing each other's crazy ideas (and I guess that's really the fun of being in the community). But once you get into certain spheres or certain influencers, it splinters quite a bit on any number of topics such as:

  • is JFK Jr. alive/orchestrating all of the white hats (good guys)
  • is Biden a clone/puppet/drugged on a film set 
  • which federal agencies are white hats and which are black hats (generally, Department of Defense is good and the rest of them are bad, but it can vary)
  • are Nazis in the center of the earth
  • are Jews the real Nazis
  • is Fox News fighting the good fight or actually a tool of the deep state
  • is the US actually a corporation that just went bankrupt, and/or was the US corporation using its citizens as collateral against loans somehow (I'm less familiar with the sovereign citizen movement, but it's ideology has been more widely adopted recently) 
  • is Baron Trump a time traveler from the 1800s
  • are there 10,000+ captured children under the Getty museum and should the Marine Corp do something about it
  • should Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, have been allowed to name the next head of the CIA 

Those are just some of the more interesting ones. Right now there's actually been a lot more cohesion as people unite to decry the Covid vaccine etc, which honestly starting to get a little boring. 

-Auto Surf

*It's usually awesome to keep up with, just in a "people are so fascinating way." Then there are times like the insurrection at the capitol that make me feel guilty for finding entertainment in this, and also a bit hopeless about where things are. 


Dear Pants,

I think this pretty much sums it up.



-The Entomophagist


Dear Pokémon,

Similar to Frère Rubik, I've found myself in the video games discussion/news subculture. It fractals down to a lot of overlapping smaller subcultures by genre, game, console, YouTube personalities, etc. It's kind of interesting to see how different communities have different feels to them, despite all being under the umbrella of "gamers." For example, the Zelda community seems to be relatively chill and positive, whereas the Pokémon community keeps trying to kick out its own members for liking the recent games too much.

Anyways, besides the occasional bad take online, it's usually a good time. I'm getting pretty hyped for the most wonderful time of the year, and by that I mean Nintendo's E3 presentation next week.



Dear Pantastic Beast,

I think the Frogspotting Facebook group and the frog Instagram pages I follow would constitute a pretty well-set subgroup, and they is never any drama, because the bonding over frogs is stronger than the blood of the covenant.

I do have a pretty funny video about the Hotel Transylvania fandom, though (I'm not a part of that, luckily).



Dear Panda,

I'm in soooo many Mom Facebook groups. Nothing too exciting on the drama front. It's always pro-vax vs. anti-vax or yes to sleep training vs. you're the worst parent EVER if you sleep train and let your baby cry! 

Ya know, the yoush.

-Goldie Rose


Dear Ambrose,

Ultrarunning. We have the best memes, we have the craziest people running hundreds, and hundreds of miles, and we all think we are so cool because of it. Running lube.PNG Life is good.PNGultrasignup.PNG

(Source: @ultrarunningmemes)

The Soulful Ginger


Dear you,

People who care about American barbecue have very strong feelings about regional styles. This is an example of a meme that would get a big laugh from 9 out of 10 people, and a fist fight from the 10th:

 Your mileage may vary but Kansas City BBQ is indeed the best.