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Question #93631 posted on 06/14/2021 11:12 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are your favorite social media accounts to follow, and why?



Dear Kodak~

Simply on Purpose. Because she helps me become a better parent.

The Holderness Family. Because they're funny.

~ Dragon Lady


Dear Kodak,

Humans of New York is amazing. It's a small snapshot into a random person's life and makes me feel all the feelings.

-guppy of doom


Dear Kodak,

I have a lot that I love, but these are probably some of the ones that are slightly more general interest. (These are all on Instagram.)

For all COVID news interpreted, I love science communicators/researchers Laurel Bristow (@kinggutterbaby ) and Jessica Malaty Rivera (@jessicamalatyrivera.) Sanity=saved when it comes to COVID this year. (Btw thanks to Dragon Lady for introducing me to Laurel Bristow's account. Game changer.) I know the COVID news is starting to cool off, but there are still new things that pop up and those two women are super reliable sources for sorting out fact from fiction and getting context.

Sharon McMahon - @sharonsaysso - is a former government teacher who delivers factual context for current government issues. She does these awesome question boxes asking for opinions from left, right, and moderate followers. She posts a selection from each and it's great. Her whole thing is promoting facts and reasoning based on them, and understanding between different groups.

Katie Masters - @nailthoughts - her work is just gorgeous and inspiring. Maybe this will only appeal to people who love or do nail art, but eh.

Any color palette accounts like Color Palette Magic - @colorpalettemagic . There are a bunch but that's a great one.


OK, and two YouTube channels. Love the hilarious Ryan George , and my friend does a pretty cool YouTube show called Once Upon a Workbench





Dear friend,

I'm pretty much only on Instagram. My favorite @s: 

@simplyonpurpose - I'll second this! I'm not a parent but Ralphie's advice seems applicable and I'm soaking it all up before I have kids. It's great, research-backed content on positive parenting. Everything she does is everything I wish my parents had done for me growing up. 

@the.peaceful.sleeper - again, not a parent. But I love her super real content and philosophy and hope to implement it someday. She cracks me up and I actually wrote a whole research paper last semester based on what her page is about (sleep training and developing secure attachment with kids). 

@thecoloramber - Amber makes my favorite art of all time. I have this piece printed large in my house and have gifted lots of her work before. She and her family are sweet and lovely. I love seeing her process videos. Her art builds my testimony. 

@bluecloverrabbitry - This is like free therapy. I'm serious. They're constantly posting videos of their baby bunnies and it MAKES MY DAY. If you like cute bunnies, you need this in your life. 

@depthsofwikipedia - If you like the Board, you will love the Depths of Wikipedia account. It's full of quirky, funny, and bizarre Wikipedia entries. It's a trivia-lovers wonderland. 

@hankgreen - DFTBA, friends. Hank's gotten even funnier with time. Is there anything better than an intellectual icon from your youth dropping F-bombs and answering TikTok's most obscure science questions? I think not. 

@helloyellowreads - Court is an old sociology friend who now runs a bookstagram account. I get SO many of my recommendations and to-be-reads from her. If you like reading, she's real great. 

I also like to peek in on @deannagiulietti every once in a while. She's a little intense for me to officially follow, but her self-confidence is contagious and we need people like her in the world. 




Dear Kodak,

For Instagram, I'm currently loving Big Little Feelings. For some reason Simply on Purpose doesn't really speak to me. I love the messy realness of Big Little Feelings and I like that one of the two women is a licensed marriage and family therapist, but their material is geared specifically to ages 0-6.

I like following Calvin Burke on Twitter for Mormon/LGBT+/BYU stuff.

When I'm pregnant, I like watching Mama Doctor Jones on YouTube. I also find Dr. Glaucomflecken funny; I don't have TikTok so I mostly find his stuff through Twitter.



Dear Kodak,

I spend most of my time on Twitter, so that's where all my recommendations are going to come from.

My first thought was to tell you to follow SwiftOnSecurity - nominally a tech account, but in reality too many things to mention - but literally within hours of you asking this question they announced they would be going on hiatus. RIP Tay aka Corn Facts aka lots of other things. You should follow them anyway just in case they come back.

Foxes In Love does the most amazing comics. The artist is also on Tumblr, Instagram, and probably elsewhere.

Matt Gertz is a good journalist, but the real benefit of following him is you'll instantly know if anything newsworthy has happened to Florida Congressman, blowhard, and alleged sex pest Matt Gaetz.

Sarah Taber has great takes on farming based on her extensive professional experience. Here's a good example about what actually happens to "ugly food" when scammers companies don't try to sell it as an "eco-friendly" scam product.

JustSayXtian has taught me so much about Judaism, with an emphasis on how the phrase "Judeo-Christian" and the attitude behind it use Jews as rhetorical cover for Christian supremacism and, often, antisemitism.

Ed Yong does great science journalism (and great headlines) - and as of this week he's a Pulitzer Prize winner too.

If you want a very general idea of my politics, at least in practical terms, James Medlock and Michael Sweeney are both a good place to start.

And, of course, I'll always plug Bodega Cats for obvious reasons.



Dear Kodak,

I almost forgot about the page "adventcaronder". It's an advent calendar for super funny and great new Christmas carols. My favorite from this past year was "Martha Has not Been Socially Distanced". I also answered a similar question about the Youtubers that I follow, so here's a link to that :)



Dear Kodak,

Give @KidsWriteJokes a follow on Twitter. You won't regret it.

- D.A.R.E.