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Question #93637 posted on 06/10/2021 10:54 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

If you could switch the contenders on any two reality shows, so that both sets wound up on the wrong show, but with the stipulation that you would need to watch the ensuing season of both shows, which show contestants would you switch?

-My Name Here


Dear friend,

I think I misunderstood the question because I was thinking just reality TV, not "competitive" reality shows. So initially I thought it would be hilarious to make the Kardashians switch places with those swamp gator hunters, or maybe the storage-unit auction shows. I just really want to watch a bunch of those Floridians with thick accents live a life of luxury while Kim and Khloe have to spend all their time on an airboat trying to hunt gators to earn their living. I think both shows would be priceless. 

But I guess if we're talking competition reality shows, I think it would be really cool to watch people from a pastry/baking show like "Sweet Genius" (they did a lot of sugar art work) switch with the contestants from "Blown Away," the glass-blowing competition show. I would love to see how both types of artists translate their skills into a semi-similar field, and how sugar artists demonstrate creativity through glass and vice versa. It would be cool to see the differences and similarities that they discovered in the process. 




Dear you,

I think it would be hilarious to swap contestants for "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette". But then according to your stipulation, I'd have to actually watch them. So instead I would switch people from "The Great British Baking Show" and "Chopped" (I would just line up multiple episodes of "Chopped" for the numbers to work). It wouldn't be the funniest swap, but cooking shows are about the only reality shows I enjoy.



Dear you,

Okay I love this question. I'm thinking we swap Project Runway with Great British Bake Off. This would be excellent because:

a) The skill sets are mostly irrelevant to each other, but there are enough people with baseline familiarity with some skills in each set that there would be at least a few people who could muddle through a few rounds.

b) The vibes of the competitor sets are so different. 

I think this ends up funnier if you end up with people who are generally unqualified to do what they're doing, but is within the realm of "things people can sort of pick up on." So, like, I would not want to swap people into a very very specialized show like "Blown Away" (competitive glassblowing) or "Forged In Fire" (competitive bladesmithing) because they'd just be like "uuh....." but baking and sewing are both things enough people have basic knowledge that it could be pretty funny (although I think the sewing in particular could definitely end up looking pretty rough.)

~Anne, Certainly


Dear switched at birth,

Definitely Chopped and Taskmaster. I think bringing comedians with little cooking knowledge onto cooking shows is fun (see James Acaster on Bake Off), and I just like Taskmaster, so it wouldn't be that bad to watch, and might be kind of interesting to see their creativity and competitiveness coming out. Specifically, I would love to see the season 7 cast of Taskmaster (James Acaster, Jessica Knappett, Rhod Gilbert, Kerry Godliman and Phil Wang, though if I could choose the British comedians, that would also be great). Not sure how much either of these count as "reality" shows, but basically any cooking show and any British comedian TV show would be fun.