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Question #93678 posted on 06/15/2021 1:54 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I work from home, this has opened up the opportunity to use unique backgrounds when I attend meetings with my coworkers. To date, I really haven't used this opportunity yet, and I was wondering what backgrounds you would or do use?

-The Old Bookshop


Dear The Ol' Bookshop,

The background that I use is a picture I took when we were in Tonga. People think it's some random beach picture we found on Google, but nay!


-Goldie Rose


Dear Best Kind of Bookshop,

Pusheen, all day, every day.



Dear bookshop,

Might I suggest a background video?



Dear Booky,

I've been working from home just a few months longer than the pandemic. 

Every week I get a new picture of a bunny and make it my background. Reason? I wanted to make my background something people would look forward to seeing so I wanted to put a cute dog or something since I have a dog but I have some really strong cat-people on my team who would probably object at some point so I decided no one could complain about cute bunny pictures.

Also, have a few backgrounds for special occasions. I have one that a big flashy one that says "IT'S GAME TIME!" for when my team plays virtual games together. I have one that's just a picture of me resting my arm on my desk and covering my mouth with a virtual background on so I could make that my image if I turn my camera off (or better yet, turn the camera away then walk into the camera view so it looks like there are 2 of me). You can find a background for certain holidays or non-holidays (like May the Fourth for Star Wars Day). Just pick something that makes you happy.



Dear Ye Olde Book Shoppe,

I took a picture with my laptop of my actual background (but without me in it), and I used that as my background. If you want your space to look cleaner than it usually is or if you just want to confuse people, I'd recommend it.