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Question #960 posted on 10/15/2003 4:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
This is an outgrowth of a recent question about waiting for missionaries. I know that about 3% of waiting girlfriends marry their missionaries. But how often does it happen that a girl waits for a guy, then goes on her mission either just before or just after he gets home, and he waits for her, and then they get married? (So, essentially, they haven't seen each other for three and a half years.)
- Senioritis Sista

A: Dear Sista,

He shouldn't be waiting around for a girl to get home... he's supposed to be actively engaged in, well, getting engaged (which we are reminded of nearly every week in priesthood). That coupled with the fact that it's going to be LESS than 3%, I wouldn't even worry about it.

- Mighty Quinn