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Question #9834 posted on 11/03/2004 4:07 a.m.

Dear pickles, Katya, and anyone else who is interested,
I got accepted to BYU with only one year of foreign language in high school. Not only that, I'm taking a totally different language now. So, if u have strong enough points in other areas of ur application, that won't really matter. At least, it didn't for me.
- Becky

A: Dear Becky,

Despite what your high school counselor might have told you (perhaps in an effort to get you to take the not-so-elected electives that are foreign languages), colleges don't care too much about a foreign language. Although stuff like that, being an RM, sports, and school government might be somewhat important, it pretty much all boils down to ACT/SAT scores and GPA.
Congratulations on getting accepted though. It was one of the happiest moments of my life.
By the way, I recommend you take your freshman English class as soon as possible, u're going to need it for ur papers.

-Skippy DeLorean