Do the chickens have large talons? -Napoleon Dynamite
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07/25/2003 While watching the Tour de France, I've seen this flag that has the same layout as ...
07/30/2003 <Br> Where did the name oz come from? <Br> -just doing what i'm told
08/06/2003 Dear The Street, If one can move onto the great cooks list, how does one get ...
09/03/2003 Why doesn't Thursday talk it's way into coming after Friday? -U.P.S.D #83
09/04/2003 What is the difference between a duck? -Anonymous
09/22/2003 What is the average size of a stone in the great pyramid @ giza? - Anonymous
09/22/2003 What is the square root of cheese? - Cheese King
09/26/2003 How many cubits in a mile? - Curious Cubit Counter
09/30/2003 What is the average size of a stone in the great pyramid @ giza? - Anonymous
10/09/2003 Recently I heard that redheads need more anesthesia than other people to knock them out. Most ...
10/24/2003 So you're a waffle person. - The toaster
10/29/2003 I'm bored, what should I do? Is the answer in the archives? Where in the archives ...
10/30/2003 what are the random facts of life? - foodgroups
11/03/2003 What's the ratio of sheep to people in New Zealand? -Part Kiwi
11/08/2003 The building in which I work has three wings. One wing was built in 2000 while ...
12/11/2003 Who's your daddy? -Orphan
12/26/2003 What is the answer to the quetion of Life, The univese, And EVERYTHING? - puzzled on ...
01/17/2004 Which is the largest bell (sounding or mute) in the world? A brief google search indicated ...
01/17/2004 Why is what? - Yes
01/21/2004 What number am I thinking of? - Question Girl
01/30/2004 Final installment of questions after a trip to California: 3) How many 26 year olds in ...
01/31/2004 What's the trick to walking on ice without slipping and falling? - Bruised
01/31/2004 Waar haalt Abraham de mosterd? - nog geen vijftig
02/03/2004 What about green poo? -feces
02/10/2004 Who is that gentle stranger with pects like melons and knee of fringe? - MST 2003